5 extreme sports every man should experience

Our guide to next-level adventuring

scuba diver swims underwater between rock crevices

Men are primed for danger. In a world becoming increasingly urban and devoid of encounters with the wild, it’s no surprise that more working men are looking for experiences that don’t involve sitting at their desks. Whether it’s aerial thrills or outdoor expeditions you’re looking for, we’ve done the research for you – so you can focus on starting your adventure.

Skydiving, Nepal

two sky divers jump out of a helicopter

Climbing Mt Everest can seem a daunting challenge for even the most experienced explorers. Everest Skydive takes out the uphill struggle and lets you plunge through the air with the world’s highest mountain as witness to your greatness. Throw caution – and yourself – to the wind.

Tandem jump available at £20,000 from Everest Skydive.

Ice Marathon, Antarctica

A group of runners complete an ice marathon across antarctica

Looking to take your morning run to the next level? The Antarctic Ice Marathon was founded by Irishman Richard Donovan to ensure committed runners could feasibly complete marathons on all seven continents. The next sub-zero race takes place on November 24th, but get in line – you can either register for 2018 or sign up for this year’s waiting list now. That gives you plenty of time to train, should you be out of shape.

Register from €15,000 here.

Sandboarding, Peru

A man sand boarding over a desert dune in Peru

Sick of thrills at freezing temperatures? This snowboarding sister-sport has undergone something of a surge, with large-scale parks popping up around the US, Germany, and South Africa. For the real experience, head to Ica, Peru – you’ll find the world’s largest sand dune and an annual sandboarding competition waiting for you.

Full day packages from $87, with Huacachina Private Tours.

Bouldering, France

a man rock climbing in France

It took a group of French climbers in the 1960s to legitimise bouldering as a valid climbing-alternative. Essentially a less vertical take on rock-climbing, it’s no less impressive a feat, requiring true strength, grit and coordination to navigate these large, unwieldy shapes. Start your trip in Paris and head south to the Fontainebleau forest where the movement was born.

Three-day trips for £399 per person, with Rock and Sun. Includes accommodation, transport, and coaching.

Scuba diving, worldwide

scuba diver swims underwater between rock crevices

With water covering 71% of the Earth’s surface, half the battle of diving can be figuring the best spot. Dive Butler cater their scuba trips to you and wherever your fancy takes you – whether it’s Iceland’s tectonic plates, schools of sea turtles by the Galapagos Islands, or sunken warships off the coast of New Guinea.

Dive Butler offer bespoke courses and services. Requires 4-6 months advance booking.

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