These are the 10 items every man should have in his home

From a bookcase packed to capacity to a plant you remember to water, these are the things that make a house a home…

A man’s home — much like his wardrobe — should give anyone who sees it a true insight into his personality. From those meticulously-picked curtains to your carefully-curated set of kitchen knives, everything from your lounge chairs to your light bulbs should be chosen in accordance to your character.

But, even if your budget doesn’t stretch to antiques and limited edition furniture, there’s still a way to make your house a gentlemanly home. Below, we’ve rounded up a definitive list of ten simple things every man should invest in. These aren’t bank-breaking buys — rather just the musts that’ll show you’ve got your life in order.

An interesting piece of art is essential


Displaying a great piece of art, something that is both pleasant to look at and a handy conversation starter, can really create a sense of home. Bare walls give off bedsit vibes, and frameless posters are a little ‘student digs’ for our liking. So, be it sculpture, photo or canvas, find something that resonates with you — even if you’re not in a position to be purchasing a Picasso just yet…

Read the Gentleman’s Journal guide to collecting art here.

A well-engineered statement speaker will make some noise


Music has always been the best way to imbue an ambience into your home, and no stone kills two birds quicker than a statement speaker. Some could even double as your art piece they’re so striking. From Bowers & Wilkins to Bang & Olufsen, there are many manufacturers, who each use many materials and techniques to create speakers loud in both volume and design.

Here, we’ve sounded out the best speakers systems for your home…

An armchair of equal parts design and comfort

heals armchair

It may be rare for a modern man to get any down time, but a good armchair remains a key piece in your home even if you do hardly ever find the time to sit in it. Go for something that informs the rest of the room, and can be used as a focal point or centrepiece to the rest of the design.

The key thing here, however, is not to let style conquer substance. Buy cool but uncomfortable, and you’ll never want to curl up and turn on the television. And you should be reaching for the remote — there’s some really good stuff on…

Plants bring some much-needed colour — and oxygen — into a room

house plant
house plant

Never underestimate the power of some greenery. Not only do plants bring the outside in, oxygenate your home and teach you responsibility, they also look great.

And we’re talking proper plants here. No messing around with baby succulents or plastic imitations. Go for a big plant from a brand like Patch, such as an Areca Palm or Guinea Chestnut — or we hear cacti are having a moment — and stick them in a big statement pot for added oomph.

A robe — and slippers — will keep things comfy around your home

oliver cheshire

Half of the fight, when setting up a house, is turning it into a home. Your art on the walls, and plants in pots will undoubtedly help achieve this, but nothing says homely like unbridled comfort.

Enter the robe and slippers. Stalwarts of your Sunday morning, these silky investments are must-haves if you want to live a gentlemanly life. So slip on your robe — we’ve found the best options here — pick up the paper and sip at your freshly-brewed coffee (more on that later…)

A games set will show personality and intellect


It’s a win-win. We know, there’s so much great stuff on television these days that it can be tempting to sit down, switch off and just let box-set after box-set assault your senses.

But the mark of a true gentleman is surely mastery over all leisure activities? You may be a dab hand at flicking between streaming services, but how better to expand your horizons than investing in an immaculately-made chess, backgammon, poker or cribbage set and giving it pride of place when you’re entertaining?

A bookcase is a must, to stuff full of books and other interesting things


There is absolutely no excuse to not have a well-stocked bookcase sitting somewhere in your home. Books are windows into different times, places and walks of life — and are key to broadening your horizons. So get buying and get reading. If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve rounded up the books everyone’s talking about this autumn…

And, even if you’ve not got enough tomes to fill your shelves just yet, a bookcase is also a great space to showcase some of your more interesting trinkets — from small sculptures to those games sets above.

Whisky glasses, and a decanter to match, will add sophistication to your space


Whether you’re entertaining friends, or having a solitary nightcap, there’s nothing more sophisticated than a whisky decanter with matching glasses. Feel free to go for the traditional cut crystal, or down a more modern route, but a drinks set is the best way to impress guests and channel your inner drinks aficionado.

And, to fill it, how about a bottle of up-and-coming English whisky?

A coffee machine — a proper pump espresso one, without pods

coffee beans

Yes, we know, if you snoozed your alarm one too many times — and are practically rolling out of both your bed and the door — your Nespresso machine is a godsend. A quick, clean burst of coffee in the morning is sometimes all you want.

But, when the weekend rolls around, you should have a proper pump espresso machine; one you can grind the beans for and make exquisite, luxurious lattes with.

A desk, designed to sharpen and focus you when you work from home


If you’re working from home — as most of us do these days — your house has suddenly become your office. And, with that, the two most important places in your life come crashing together.

So, to save yourself from mountains of papers on the coffee table and perching your laptop on your legs, you should find yourself a brilliant desk — one that will keep your organised, focus your mind and not destroy your back. Luckily for you gents, we’ve rounded up some of the best on the market…

Thinking of setting up a home gym as well? We’ve found the best kit to ensure you don’t sweat it…

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