The best women on Instagram

Selecting the best women to follow on Instagram is like being asked to select which Royal Family member you’d most like to deport to Taiwan; frowned upon, yet everyone wants to know who you’d pick. It’s working out why men follow women on Instagram; which is arguably the technological advancement from topless calendars found on the walls of car mechanics, or postcard-sized nude images tucked down the side of a teenage boy’s bed, that mostly fascinates us… whether it’s simply to fantasise, to inspire, or to fit in with a social expectation of their friends, we bring you our pick of the women who have caught our eye, whether through beauty, success or popularity.

Gentlemen, the best women to follow on Instagram:


Blonde beauty, model and actress. Rosie is our pick for her mermaid-esque figure, star-studded lifestyle and gorgeous pictures. Being incredibly photogenic she’s the photographer’s dream – just like a disease, no matter how and when you catch her, she always gets you weak at the knees.



In need of a little inspiration for getting up in the morning? London-born model and actress Emily Ratajkowski, made famous by the ultra controversial ‘Blurred Lines’ video, is our pick as one of the best women to follow on Instagram. With a face and physique that resembles an angelic siren, Emily Ratjkowski is simply incredible.



The model who will suddenly get you interested in women’s golf. With the best of both – half beauty, half sports personality – Blair O’Neal is our pick for her versatility, ‘inspirational’ selfies and commitment to golf.



Both East and West as one, Misa Campo, real name Michika Devieux, is highly regarded as one of the hottest models on either side of the equator. The gentleman who is seeking some tinted inspiration to go out and achieve should consider giving the Canadian-born star a follow.



Christiano Ronaldo’s one that got away, Russian-born Irina Shayk is a top drawer model. With a piercing glare that has launched a successful career and grabbed Portugal’s most-loved man’s heart, she features in our list for being totally unavoidable. The life and images of Irina are an interest to every kind of gentleman who’s in need of a little inspiration.



The jill of all trades – actress, dancer, model and host – Racquel Pomplun’s uploads are enough to inspire any gent to join the gym. Giving a snippet into her life through various selfies and snapshots of everyday activities, there’s no woman better connected to her followers.



Strong minded, outspoken and highly popular, Emma Watson is difficult to avoid. Arguably the quintessential English Rose, her profile is one that speaks of character and personality… oh, and it helps that she is incredibly gorgeous.

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