STYLE – The Most Iconic Sunglasses Of All Time

Every summer, the question arises as to whether your sunglasses will still be in style from the previous year. Well look no further, as here are the most iconic sunglasses you can get your hands on, and the best part is they’ll never go out of style.


Ray Ban Aviators Tom Cruise Sunglasses - TGJ.00

There is no denying that Ray-Ban is a huge player in the sunglasses game. The masters of classic shades, their Icon Aviators with mirrored lenses are the perfect pair of sunglasses for a gentleman. A true mark of a stylish man, the Aviators rose to fame in the late 80s, and they have been worn ever since. If you’re a TopGun fan who can quote Maverick or Goose without blinking, the timeless Aviator is the pair of sunglasses for you.

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Ray Ban Clubmaster Classics Tim Roth Sunglasses - TGJ.00

Also hailing from the King of the Shades Ray-Ban is the Clubmaster Classic. Tarrantino, the master of stylistic devices, executed this perfectly when Tim Roth wore Clubmasters as Mr. Orange in Reservoir Dogs. The slim metal lower rim and nose bridge are signature details of the Clubmaster, giving a character to anyone who is bespectacled with them. A 90s classic shade, your style will never be in question when wearing the Clubmaster Classics.



Persol Iconic Steve McQueen Sunglasses - TGJ.00

Here at The Gentleman’s Journal, it is no secret that we have a lasting admiration for Steve McQueen. Our last issue saw him grace the cover, and it would be a travesty to compile this selection without acknowledging him. The Persol PO0714SM Crystal shades with a Dark Havana frame were McQueen’s accessory of choice during and after his starring role in The Thomas Crown Affair, and they have been iconic ever since. In tribute to him, Persol have remade the classics and are available as a special edition, complete with the blue lenses. These iconic shades are synonymous with a sophisticated and charming man, who is confident and mysterious.

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Porsche Carerra Al Pacino Sunglasses - TGJ.00

The Carrera 5622 Tony Montana Sunglasses, while they were garish and unsightly when they first surfaced on the face of Al Pacino in Scarface, have come full circle. The gimmick has worn off and they are now a staple pair of sunglasses for the stylish man’s wardrobe. They connote a calm and collected man; a gentleman.

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By Gemma Baldwin – Twitter gemma_baldwin

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