The most extravagant people on Instagram

We like Instagram, it’s the perfect way to show your friends and followers all the wonderfully fun, luxurious and special things you are doing with your life. An easy way of virtually erasing out the bad hair days, the boring desk job and the reality of your humble abode and the damp that is working its way down your bedroom walls. Instead we can pick, choose and perfectly edit our lives so as to show the world what we want them to perceive us as. Whilst this fraudulent activity may be a totally false depiction of your everyday life, it’s nice to show off a little every now and again and that’s the beauty of it – it’s the edited, filter enhanced version of our lives. We needn’t upload our most recent bank statements, pictures of ourselves with bags under our eyes, spots on our skin and boxes of dominos pizza, but when we take a precious week off and spend our hard earned cash on a holiday to St Barths, my god will we be telling you about it.

Then comes the hashtags, #NikiBeach or #Caviar, and a mountain of other fever-inducing catchphrases that will be piled up beneath said photographs – not to mention scrolls and scrolls of sepia filters. Everyone has a few cringeworthy friends on Instagram that are worryingly self-obsessed, but by and large it’s genuinely a nice way of showing everyone all the nice things you’re up to without looking like you’re bragging by posting it to Facebook. These 10 people, however, are simply in another league. It’s actually becoming harder and harder to separate the real hashtags from the ironic, but what is for sure though is that these people want you to know what they are up to. They want you to envy their new white Ferrari, drool over their bottles of Champagne and pots of caviar, ogle over the supermodels and porn stars that they’re hanging out with, wish you were wearing that new rolex and, boy oh boy, do they want you to wish you had their life.


Dan Bilzeri Instagram - TGJ
This American poker player and actor is one hell of a man. From throwing porn stars off the roof of his mansion, firing guns and posing with a fleet of white sports cars and picture perfect models – it’s a tough life being Dan. @danbilzerian


Instagram - Lord D - TGJ
The only reason to watch Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s is for Scott (AKA Lord) Disick. No one really knows if he’s being ironic or not, but either way he’s highly entertainng and his Instagram pictures and titles are near on genius, for example ‘Wearing 2 Patek’s – just incase one gets scratched’. No seriously, he really did caption it that. @letthelordbewithyou


Insta - TGJ
Mr Damm does nothing.  But he does nothing it in style. Bad style that is, but none the less it makes for beautifully voyeuristic Instagram following. Aside from copious amounts of travelling and partying, his other hobbies include spending his hard earned cash, (#lol #Notreally #ItsDaddysMoney), on ludicrously vulgar clothes. In fact, his dress sense is a prime example of the fact that money can’t buy you style or class – he almost makes Kanye’s fashion sense look refined – almost.  Oh, incase you missed it he’s actually super good mates with Kanye, which explains everything. @williamdamm


Champagne Instagram - TGJ
John is our favourite Instagramer of all time. Fact. He is everything that is wrong with the world wrapped up in one fluffy white Hermes hotel towel weilding bottles of #Moet and for that we love him. Love to hate him that is. His tag line sums him up completely – “I’m afraid of water, I only swim in champagne!” – and he’s also quite the entrepreneur, when he’s not teaching us invaluable life lessons about drink driving, he’s inventing new ways of playing ping pong.  @giggenrosslee


Instagood - TGJ
Listing his hometown as “France // Switzerland // Basel // St-Tropez ” Because, well, why live in one city/country (he seems a little confused by the difference) when you can afford to live in 4. And whilst money can’t buy you happiness, it can buy you one hell of an extravagant Instagram account, not to mention an awful lot of gold bottled Armand de brignac. @josephlifeset

No seriously, it’s all he drinks….
Champagne - TGJ

And sometimes he likes to coordinate it with his shoes, because, well…why not?
Gold Champ.tgj

Instagram Cars - TGJ
“Entrepreneur & Venture Capitalist Car / Watch Aficionado” He has a pet Marmoset – need we say more. @chasezimmerman


Instagram Douche - TGJ

Inal bucks the trend of young rich kids with too much money and no style, by actually having some of it – style that is. Well, compared to most of the people on this list that is, if he’s not shopping at the highest end boutiques across the world then he’s posing next to yachts, cars and beautiful views. @inalonurmen


Lavish - TGJ
This 18 year old is pretty much everything that is wrong with the world. When he isn’t referring to his followers as ‘peasants’ or washing his hands with San Pellegrino he likes to spend his days putting carefully chose filters over photographs of wads of cash and his various cars – the kind of cars that most 50 year old men wouldn’t even drive, but such is the luxury life of this extraordinarily easy to hate young Instagramer.  His tagline, “my life is like Louis Vuitton, everyone wants it. You made ur bed so sleep in it in peasants”, aptly earned him his title as the biggest jerk on Instagram. @itslavishbitch


Final Instagram - TGJ
Last, but by no means least, Rapper Rick Ross completetes our list with his ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ attitude to his wealth and subsequent extravagant lifestyle. @richforever



Holly Macnaghten is the Fashion Director at The Gentleman's Journal

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