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Banish your 'back to work' blues with a luxury bundle from the likes of Emma Willis, Sunspel, Cubitts and more...

Well, gents, it’s happened. After a long summer and an even longer period of on-again, off-again, on-again lockdowns, many offices have fully (or at least partially) reopened. Hot-desking beckons, water-cooler chats are back on the agenda and IT teams nationwide have spent weeks receiving call after call from employees who still can’t seem to summon any life into their dusty, long abandoned monitors.

We’ve well and truly returned to the daily grind. The idea certainly has a ‘back to school’ reluctance to it: but you know what would make that trudge to and from corporate life infinitely more bearable? A revamp of your style essentials: from top to bottom; from work to play; from client meetings to those blissfully welcome weekend drinks. Strolling into the office while sleekly, stylishly clad is a far more enticing prospect — and so to banish those ‘back to work’ blues while simultaneously giving your wardrobe the autumnal update you know it needs, we’re giving you the opportunity to win a product from a top-tier, renowned British brand.

Fill in the form below to enter the competition and be in with a chance to win one of these luxury products; and read on for details…

Emma Willis Bengal Stripe Cotton Shirt

If you must go into the office, you should go clad in suave, stylish luxury: an aesthetic epitomised by the ever-reliable Emma Willis. This pinstriped shirt is an office essential; but more to the point, it’s an office essential cut by hand and sewn in the British brand’s English Townhouse, with specialist single needle stitching, hand trimmed collars, gold engraved collar stays and Iridescent Mother of Pearl buttons. It’s lightweight, so it’s perfect for autumn; and it’ll ensure you stride through those revolving office doors in true gentlemanly style.

Cubitts 'Herbrand' Sunglasses

It’s autumn, all right; but if the September heatwave is anything to go by, you can never assume anything where the British weather is concerned (particularly when you add global warming into the mix). For this reason, we’d advise keeping a trusted pair of sunglasses close by at all times — whether for the commute, or for those post-work drinks we hope you’ll be having by the river this autumn; and Cubitts‘ ‘Herbrand’ sunglasses — with their classical round shape and keyhole bridge — should be just the thing.

Awling Braided Leather Belt

One positive thing to come out of the Covid-19 pandemic is the more relaxed approach to the workplace. This can’t be said for all companies, of course — if you’re in law or banking, we’d recommend looking to your superiors and (quite literally) following suit; but if your workplace is open to a more relaxed aesthetic, make the most of that. You always need a belt, though; so for a relatively casual — yet belted up — work ensemble, Awling‘s vegetable tanned, full-grain leather braided offering (complete with solid brass buckle) will tick every box.

SIRPLUS Burgundy Moss Stitch Jumper

Continuing along the casual office theme: if your workplace is the sort of environment in which a wool jumper neatly layered over a collared shirt will cement you as the most stylish employee around, then this chunky moss stitch jumper, courtesy of SIRPLUS, will make you the envy of every colleague you come into contact with (and if it’s not appropriate for the workplace, it’ll certainly be appropriate for a Saturday night dinner at your favourite neighbourhood restaurant). Crafted from blissfully light, breathable merino wool, its sharply ribbed edges make it the perfect layering option for autumn.

Russell & Bromley Burlington Chelsea Boot

We’re striding into the office, yes; but come the weekend, we’re striding through piles of autumn leaves, too. And what better way to march into both the office and the most beautiful season (in our opinion) than in suave, stylish, seasonally appropriate footwear? Russell & Bromley‘s Burlington Chelsea boots are crafted from elegant brown suede and include a butter-soft leather lining; and if you have to trudge through those office doors this autumn, you may as well trudge in style.

LOVE BRAND & Co 'Lockhart' T-Shirt

In case we haven’t said it enough: every modern man needs a white t-shirt (or five); and it’s as essential for the workplace as it is for a holiday, such is its versatility. It depends on the workplace, of course — if a suit and tie is expected, we wouldn’t recommend throwing a white t-shirt into the mix — but if layering is accepted (or even encouraged), we’d advise pairing a white t-shirt with a suitably luxurious, stylish sweater: and LOVE BRAND & Co‘s fine organic cotton offering is the white t-shirt you never knew you needed.

Sunspel Loopback Sweatshirt

We mentioned that — even though employees are flocking back to offices — your autumn wardrobe update doesn’t need to be restricted to office wear; and this sweatshirt, courtesy of Sunspel, is a shining example of how you can best update your sporting wear. It’s a modern take on the classic athletic sweatshirt (so it’s perfect for all those runs you’ve vowed to start doing again, now that the bizarre September heatwave has finally drawn to a close); and its chic elegance stems from its neat fit, refined detailing and breathtakingly soft loopback fabric.

Cheaney X Goral 'Kelham' Trainers

Of course, athletic sweatshirts are essential for any autumnal activity that even vaguely borders on the sporting; but it’s not all about the torso. The right footwear is vital as you embark on any sort of active pursuit: and these trainers — produced by Goral for Cheaney — will see you through till Christmas and far, far beyond. They seamlessly merge Cheaney’s heritage values with Goral’s sharply modern craftsmanship; and if that doesn’t convince you to want to win a pair, then that off-white leather should.

Bamford Mayfair Sport

Continuing along the sporting theme: Bamford‘s Mayfair Sport is the timepiece you need for any conceivable outdoor pursuit. And when we say ‘any’, we mean ‘any’. It’s water-resistant to 10ATM, and its rubber strap guarantees it can weather its fair share of sporting activity; and wearers have the option picking from a range of colour options when it comes to the high-impact polymer case and bezel; thus accounting for a wide variety of personal tastes and styles. And with a watch like this, your morning run won’t even make you late for the office. You’re winning on all sides.

Aspinal City Large Tech Folio

Of course, our time can’t all be spent jogging round the park or tossing a rugby ball back and forth over the sand on an autumn staycation, much as we wish that could be the case; but if you’re destined to be spending the majority of your time in the office this autumn, this folio — courtesy of Aspinal — should make that corporate fate infinitely more endurable. In fact, such is the sleekness of its full-grain leather, the spaciousness of the design (enough to fit a 13-inch MacBook or an iPad Pro 12.9) and potential for initial personalisation that you won’t just have to ‘endure’ being in the office; you’ll be positively buzzing to stride through those doors, folio in hand.

MR MARVIS The Midnights Coolerdays

If ever there was a pair of trousers made with autumn in mind, it would — quite literally — be this ‘coolerdays’ pair, courtesy of MR MARVIS. The heavy stretch cotton makes these trousers the ideal companion for those fast-approaching chilly days (they’re more than a match for temperatures ranging from 0—15 degrees Celsius); and their deep navy hue make them the perfect option for a more relaxed office environment, together with any fireside autumnal drinks, autumn staycations or sedate autumnal walks.

New & Lingwood Navy Soft Donegal Crew Neck Sweater

If a single piece of clothing could encapsulate autumn, it’s a crew neck sweater; and this butter-soft Donegal variation on this autumn essential (courtesy of New & Lingwood) is just the thing to see you through these golden, pumpkin-dotted months and into the festive period. Made in Scotland by weavers in County Donegal, the rustic style is due to those suavely contrasting flecks of colour; so whether you opt to wear your autumnal sweater to the office or to the pub, you’ll be right on trend throughout.

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