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What to watch on Netflix in August 2020

Nurse those rosé-in-the-sun hangovers with the latest from the streaming giant

We get it. It’s really hot outside, the sun is shining and, finally, the pubs aren’t closed anymore. The last thing you’re thinking about is watch yet more Netflix – you’ve had your fill over the past four months. But with sunny days spent in beer gardens and parks come mornings after. And how better to soothe your sunburnt shoulders and deep regret about that third bottle of rosé than with some truly great TV? Netflix has delivered in droves this month – here’s what to watch in August…

American History X, August 1

The Oscar-nominated American History X made waves when it was first released in 1998 and, with its themes of racism, far right ideology and white supremacy, feels just as relevant now as it did 22 years ago. Starring Edward Norton as a reformed neo-Nazi just getting out of prison for voluntary manslaughter, the film depicts his struggle to prevent his younger brother from further indoctrination. Critically acclaimed upon its release, it earned Norton a Best Actor nomination and is now used for educational purposes in the US. We’re not saying it’s a laugh a minute but it is a brilliant watch.

Anelka: Misunderstood, August 5

A must-watch for anyone that’s been missing the highs and lows of football drama over the past few months, this in-depth documentary delves into the controversial legacy of French footballer Nicolas Anelka. Telling his side of the story, the film will examine his success at Arsenal, Chelsea and as a French international star while also investigating some of his murkier periods. Why exactly was he excluded from the French 20120 World Cup team? And what do former team mates including Thierry Henry, Didier Drogba and Paul Pogba really think of him?

Selling Sunset Season 3, August 7

If you’ve yet to experience the reality television gold that is Selling Sunset, may we recommend it as the cure for your most vicious hangovers. The series, which sees its third season launch this month, follows the brothers behind luxury real estate firm The Oppenheim Group – and the exclusively female cast of highly attractive brokers who work for them. There is personal drama and in-fighting, of course, but there are also glimpses inside some of LA’s most spectacular homes. Think of it as The Hills meets Location, Location, Location – but so much better.

Project Power, August 14

Dystopian futures might not feel like anxiety-relieving fodder right now but, if you’re looking to revel in a world in worse shape than our own, give Project Power a go. Starring Jamie Foxx, Jospeh Gordon-Levitt, Machine Gun Kelly and Dominique Fishback, the movie tells the story of a world where a mysterious pill unlocks unique superpowers in everyone that takes it – the only catch is you don’t know what yours will be until it’s already been unleashed. When dark reactions lead to a spike in crime, a New Orleans police office (Gordon-Levitt) teams up with ex-soldier (Foxx) and teen dealer (Fishback) to hunt down the group behind the pill – and stop them before it’s too late.

Lucifer Season 5A, August 21

The first half off the highly anticipated final season of Lucifer drops this month and details about what’s in store for everyone’s favourite devil are being kept tightly under wraps. What we do know is that there will be an intriguing sounding noir episode shot entirely in black-and-white in homage to crime shows of the past and, perhaps somewhat bizarrely, a musical episode. We’ll reserve judgement until we’ve seen it.

Rising Phoenix, August 26

This heart-warming documentary from directors Ian Bonhôte and Peter Ettedgui (with exec production from Richard Curtis and Barbara Broccoli, among others) explores the incredible story of the Paralympic Games. Tracing its roots back to the devastation of World War II, interviews with athletes including Ellie Cole, Tatyana McFadden, Jonnie Peacock and Ntando Mahlangu help piece together how the Paralympic Games became the third biggest sporting event in the world – and changed perceptions of disability and human potential the world over.

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