What does your watch say about you?

Can your watch tell others what makes you tick?

Like the car he drives and the whisky he drinks, a man’s choice of wristwatch says a lot about his character.

But from number of subdials and band material to case shape and resistance rating, there are many factors from which others can read your values and glean the image you’re trying to cultivate. Indeed, from your watch, others can learn what makes you tick.

So what does your watch say about you?

Those men who value craftsmanship above everything else will likely own a watch that is excellently put-together on the inside, but not ostentatious or flashy on the outside.

A Patek Phillippe, Breguet or Vacheron on the wrist reflects a man who appreciates the mechanics of a good watch – someone who will spend a lot of money to ensure reliability and incredible quality but doesn’t necessarily want the world to know the size of their bank balance. He is humble and driven, but doesn’t yearn for the approval or opinions of others.

There are few epithets men want to epitomise more, but playing the ‘adventurer’ is a notoriously tricky line to walk. Unfortunately, the majority of us don’t embark on Indiana Jones-style jaunts every other weekend, and many of our adventures are so few and far between that the only time we use our moon phase subdials is when we’re working late at the office.

Nevertheless, Breitlings and Omegas are seen as heroic watches, mostly thanks to their respective associations with pilots and James Bond. And, although you may not be a jet-setter or superspy, these timepieces show that you have swashbuckling and suave intentions.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to show off your hard-earned riches, but it’s easy to tip over from tasteful to gauche. Watches by AP and Hublot are firmly at the tasteful end of this spectrum, but still don’t shy away from their considerable worth.

With large, flashy faces and a penchant for more alternative metals – we’re looking at you, bronze – these watches don’t scream for attention but, once they’ve caught your eye, they’ll certainly hold your gaze – just like their wearers intended.

Rolex and Cartier are names synonymous with style. And, whilst Rolex may never achieve the rough and ready reputation of its 007 wristmate, Omega, these ultra-iconic watch brands will always come out on top when it comes to sartorial elegance.

See a man wearing one of these two brands, with their steel bracelets, subtle detailing and numerals, and you know that he’s a man with an eye for both style and quality.

Watches such as those made by Swiss company IWC are so versatile that they could easily fit into every one of the above categories, and – by extension – none of them.

These are indefinable timepieces for indefinable gentlemen. IWC’s fare has the class and elegant design of a Patek Phillippe, the dressy sleekness of a Rolex and the adventurer’s spirit of a Breitling.

An all-rounder looks just as at home in black tie as his athletics kit – and he needs a watch that follows suit.

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