Which cashmere jumper is right for you?

With Luca Faloni’s wide range of knitwear, we ask which style will suit you best?

As we’re yet to break free from the winter cold snap, now is the time for every man to bolster their woefully ill-equipped wardrobe. From frequent frosts to bitter winds, your clothes are the best protection against the elements – so it pays to invest in the best. And we’re not just talking about big bulky coats and bobble hats. No, we’re talking about layers that will keep in the warmth, but still look sartorially sound. Versatile knitwear that can work in any scenario. We’re talking jumpers.

But, with so much choice – from crew necks in cashmere to finely-hewn hoodies – choosing the perfect piece of knitwear to see you through the season can be tricky. What brands are best? What style suits your needs? Where can you buy rarer items? Thankfully, one of our favourite brands at Gentleman’s Journal is your ideal one-stop cashmere shop. Luca Faloni, expert in all things cashmere and linen, has the best selection of jumpers we’ve been able to find – so we thought we’d share our picks of his products with you.

The V-Neck should be your new business casual staple

As the business suit sees its steady decline continue, and more and more offices adopt a casual approach to workwear, there is a large swathe of modern men lost in the wilds of their wardrobe – unsure what to wear to work every day. Add to that the encroaching cold, and you have scores of workers and commuters pairing anoraks with work shirts, or blazers with mismatched tees. Don’t get caught in this trap – the V-neck jumper is the perfect style staple to adopt.

Luca Faloni’s offerings particularly stand out from the crowd for several reasons. Quality aside – which is obviously fantastic – we think the range of colour options are ideal for the office. From forest green and charcoal grey to a subtle blue or brown melange, these jumpers add a dash of colour without screaming ‘statement’. Rather, they will elevate your outfit, giving it a touch of the different whilst staying formal enough for any business environment.

Crew neck jumpers are woven with versatility

A t-shirt is all well and good – casual, versatile and light – but in wintry conditions, it can let you down. Enter the Crew Neck jumper, equally as lightweight and casual, but with finely-woven cashmere qualities giving it the warmth when you need it. This is the jumper to don before you pop down to the pub on a weekend, or wear on casual Fridays. Comfy and warm, pair with a t-shirt for Saturday night, or smarten up with a shirt for a mid-week meeting.

Italian cashmere is the best material of all, and Luca Faloni’s crew necks are crafted from a two ply pure cashmere from Cariaggi. We love the simplicity and versatility of his round necks – especially in the bold Lava Red – but the stars of the show must be the cable knit offerings, found in subtler colours, but with one of the best and meticulously-made cable patterns we’ve seen on offer anywhere.

Polo Neck jumpers - for a slimmer fit jumper

There’s nothing so interesting as a piece of hybrid clothing – and the polo jumper is as unexpected as they come. The king of smart casual, it combines everything that has come to typify the business casual style of dressing, and has been realised in the softest, best quality cashmere by Luca Faloni.

Layer one of the Italian brand’s six colours – from Dolomiti Grey to Camel Beige – over the top of a classic shirt for a smarter look, or keep it casual with a t-shirt, or against the skin. And, unlike Luca Faloni’s Crew or V-Neck jumpers, the bottom hem is not gathered or elasticated for a more natural fit. Similarly, in another innovative move from the cashmere expert, these polos are fitted in the arm and the body, a slim cut that exudes elegance.

The rarest of all cashmere: the knitted hoodie

Stand out with your winter wear by sourcing one of the rarest, and finest garments available today. A cashmere hoodie – a clash between the casual fit and fine, formal fabric – is the ultimate in niche dressing, and arguably looks better than a simple jumper. The 3-buttoned top of Luca Faloni’s version gives the wearer the opportunity to give the piece a V-Neck look if they so wish, upping the versatility even further.

We prefer this look in a lighter tone, such as the Atlantic Blue or Camel Beige, where it works impeccably as a layering piece – especially in the current climate. Touted as the perfect solution to casual Fridays, we can’t see any better piece to don as you move from weekday to weekend – making the transition as smooth as the fine material from which these hoodies are made.

So, if you’re feeling the chill at the moment, but don’t want to resort to the chunky cardigan or bulky coat for warmth, why not retain that all-important style with a jumper – whatever design, cut or style you may choose. And remember, be it crew neck or cable knit, invest in the best name there is: Luca Faloni.

Shop the full collection at Luca Faloni’s site here.

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