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Watch the first GJ Talk on the early stages of entrepreneurship

See the full video as we hear about the successes, early starts and new year's resolutions of these young founders...

In December of last year, Gentleman’s Journal gathered together a panel of successful, young entrepreneurs, an audience of friends and Clubhouse members and a well-stocked bar for the inaugural Gentleman’s Journal Talk.

This exclusive event, part of our podcast series in association with Martell Blue Swift, saw our very own Joseph Bullmore hold a discussion on the early stages of entrepreneurship.

The talented founders shared their secrets and stories behind the brands they built from the ground up, regaling us with tales of their eureka moments, biggest regrets and long, long, long days.

“The first year was pretty brutal,” Freddie Garland, founder of Freddie’s Flowers told our audience. “I’ve been up at 2.30am and still delivering flowers at 7pm. But you have this weird sense of excitement that you’re achieving something and there’s something at the end of it.”

If you’re a Gentleman’s Journal Clubhouse member, you’ll have been invited to enter our ticket ballot to attend the event. If you missed out, you can now watch the talk in its entirety in the above video, and it’ll soon become available as a podcast episode.

In a world where who you know is as important as what, our young entrepreneurs also discuss the merits of having a mentor and what makes a good one. “They should be someone who is looking out for you as an individual, not just your business,” Dan Scott, co-founder of Airsorted argues.

“It’s also about having a network you can turn to, not just the guys at the top,” Sir Plus founder Henry Hales adds.

Freddie Garland, Arthur Kay and Joseph Bullmore

On the subject of people, the gentlemen also discuss what they looked for when making their first hires, why word of mouth is often the best way and how you shouldn’t let yourself be deceived by a good interviewee.

“My biggest regret is too easily letting people in, “ Archie Hewlett, founder of Duke + Dexter admits. “It can be so easy when you’re so busy. People can interview really well and say a lot of crap they just can’t stand by.”

Our panel

They also look to the future, as Joseph Bullmore asks if any of them already have their eye on the exit and cashing in.

“Do you wake up in the morning and get excited about going to work or not?” poses Hewlett. “If that stops, the business can only go one way. That goes hand in hand with whether or not I would exist and leave.”

Freddie Garland and Arthur Kay

As questions are opened up to the floor, our young founders are quizzed on imposter syndrome and any discrimination they may have faced because of their age. Bio-Bean founder Arthur Kay is quick to dismiss it: “People are not agist, but there are ways one can build credibility and trust without necessarily having industry experience on your side.”

“It can actually be a positive thing,” Dan Scott adds. “Sure, it’s great if you’re 45-years-old and have loads of experience. But if you’re 25 or even 20, you can take risks, you’re hungry and there’s nothing really getting in your way.”

New father Freddie Garland also leads the way on the topic of new year’s resolutions for 2019, expressing an understandable desire to step away and delegate more – something which is shared by his fellow panel members.

Look out for the full podcast episode and more information coming soon on the next Gentleman’s Journal Talk. Until then, enjoy the video.

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