Victor reveal their most extraordinary private jet requests

Need to fly 10 small bunny rabbits from London to central Europe? You wouldn't be the first…

We’ve all heard the stories of outrageous rockstar riders and backstage requests, from Iggy Pop’s pre-chopped broccoli florets to Van Halen’s ban on brown M&Ms.

While many of us may tut and roll our eyes at the demands of these pampered performers, others might simply arch and eyebrow and ask, “Is that all?” After all, if you’re in the business of VIP customer service, there are no limits on luxury.

Of course, such requests aren’t just limited to backstage dressing rooms, nor are they only available to musical demi-gods. In today’s modern consumer world, where personal touch is becoming more valuable, you too can live a rockstar life.

We asked Victor, the private jet charter service, what incredible, unusual and downright inconceivable requests they’ve had over their nine-year history.

Victor reveal their most extraordinary private jet requests

Mile high Monster Munch

Victor already work regularly with in-flight catering company On Air Dining, to provide all manner of sky-high ‘fine dining’ experiences for their clients. However, catering requests often extend far beyond this and the Victor team have helped facilitate their fair share…

One party of 80 requested a sizeable amount of sushi from Sumosan Twiga in Knightsbridge for their flight. For a flight to the Caribbean, another customer requested crabs from Joe’s Crab Shack in Florida, followed by a VIP BBQ.

But perhaps best of all: at short notice, a notable businessman asked specifically for Pickled Onion Monster Munch crisps for his flight from Eastern Europe.

Victor reveal their most extraordinary private jet requests

Furs Class service

The pun is not Gentleman’s Journal’s own. One of the perks of private jet travel means you can fly with your pet in the cabin as opposed to in a cage in the hold, as happens with commercial flights.

Such is the popularity of pet travel with Victor’s customers that they launched their “Furs Class” canine experience in summer 2017.

Of course, not every pet to board a jet is a dainty dachshund; one customer once flew Victor with nine identical pugs, while another flew their 80kg Leonberger dog from London to France.

One member once asked to take 10 cases of gourmet dog food on board with them, just so their pooch had an entire menu of tailored holiday meals whilst they were away for their Mediterranean summer.

Victor have also flown five falcons on a Dassault Falcon 7X jet. Oh, and we weren’t kidding about those 10 small bunny rabbits, flown from London to central Europe…

Victor reveal their most extraordinary private jet requests

Above and beyond

Flying a few falcons is all in a day’s work for Victor. What about when your whole jet requires an overhaul?

Dream of saying “I do” on top of the world? Victor have redecorated a jet cabin for a wedding – complete with balloon arches, buffet tables, cake stands and DJ booth.

One customer took their family to Lapland for Christmas, and requested the full festive treatment for their jet charter. Victor provided plenty of tinsel and sweet-filled stockings, Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, a doggie bowl of yuletide treats for the family pet and, of course, some strategically placed mistletoe in the cabin’s various doorways.

Last Christmas, another customer requested festive entertainment for the jet charter to their joint birthday/Christmas bash in south Europe. This included Christmas canapés, mulled wine, mince pies, a DJ playing classic Christmas number ones on the way out and a Christmas movie on the way home. It was Miracle On 34th Street, since you asked…

Victor reveal their most extraordinary private jet requests

Last but not least, have you ever heard of Slush? In November 2017, Victor helped launch the world’s leading start-up tech conference. They carried Silicon Valley’s finest directly to the main event in Helsinki, with a conference workshop, talk, networking party and event on their private jet.

The flight, best described as “Burning Man meets TED at 40,000 feet,” saw everything from robust discussion on the merits of various start-up funding models to DJ mixes, cocktail bars and skateboard springs down the aisles.

For Victor, the bottom line here is about marrying high-tech with high-touch, personalised customer service. “The latter means the smallest details of a charter request are just as important to us as the main ones,” they told us. “We will always go the extra mile for our customers. This is something that has ensured we stand out in a crowded, inefficient, often opaque market for many years now.”

And stand out, they do. Burning Man meets TED certainly sounds like our kind of party…

Victor reveal their most extraordinary private jet requests


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