The ultimate gentleman’s dream garage

From an Aston Martin to a Land Rover, here's what made the cut...

There comes a time in a gentleman’s life – usually around 3:00pm, each day – when he must make difficult but important decisions, such as…what would reside in a dream garage. Alongside Italian supercars and great British classics must sit four-wheel drives and practical family cars – it’s not an easy decision, I tell you but here’s some inspiration on the house, nonetheless.

Aston Martin DB5

Behind the delicate wooden wheel of an Aston Martin DB5 in Silver Birch, one can mutter the words vodka and Martini until the cows come home. The DB5 is the quintessential British sports car that every gentleman should have in his garage.

Land Rover Series I

And what garage wouldn’t be complete without a plucky, bug-eyed Land Rover for countryside weekends. Keep it classic, original and simple with the Series I, first launched in 1948.

Bugatti Chiron

As the long-awaited successor to the iconic Veyron, the Chiron is without a doubt the most sophisticated way of doing 288mph. Functioning as both a comfortable grand tourer and supercar, means it also ticks more than one criteria in the garage department.

BAC Mono

For motorsport fans, this is the closest you’ll ever get to feeling like Aryton Senna. With 305bhp, a single centrally mounted seat, and a detachable F1-style steering wheel, the Mono is a raucous, hardcore track car.

Singer 911

Okay, so this may be the second ‘classic’ in the garage but it’s a classic with a difference. How someone managed to improve on the 53 years of design development invested in the 911 is beyond me but Singer Vehicle Design has done just that. Made in California, these rare beasts are redesigned and reimagined down to the last screw. Porsche perfection.

Ferrari Testarossa Spider Valeo

Every garage needs something from Modena, Italy – the supercar capital of the world and the Testarossa Spider Valeo is the only factory built topless Testarossa made. The car was handed to style icon and Fiat exec Gianni Agnelli – as Ferrari’s go, this one’s rather special, no?

Audi RS6

For the family gents among us, there’s a need for something sensible and practical. So that’ll be a 552bhp, 155mph, all-wheel drive Audi RS6 then? With enough space in the back for three children and a couple of Labradors, it’s the perfect daddy wagon.

Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous

Ten years ago, the idea of having an electric car in any gent’s dream garage would have been laughable. But ever since technocrat Elon Musk developed the stupidly fast Model S P90D with Ludicrous mode, Tesla drivers are the ones with the smile permanently plastered all over their faces. With Ludicrous mode engaged, the Tesla will hit 62mph in 2.8seconds – that’s faster than a Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari F12tdf. Enough said.

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