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The ultimate accessory to help you travel in style

The next time you travel, do it in style.

For most gentlemen, it’s normal to live a life on the road. Business means that we travel constantly and live life at full-speed. Any man will therefore appreciate the need to keep some kind of organisation afloat amidst the chaos that modern life brings.

Welcome, gentlemen, to Tumi, the brand who have been ensuring you travel in style – wherever you’re going – since 1975. Since their establishment, the brand has been creating world-class business essentials that aim to uncomplicate and beautify all aspects of life own the move. This season, with their newest collection, they’ve gone above and beyond the ordinary to create a range that’s guaranteed to keep you stylish on the move.

The newest additions to the Alpha Bravo collection for Spring/Summer 2017 is as innovative as they come, and is designed for “the global citizen who lives life on the move”. Whether you’re heading to business meetings or on a casual weekend away, there are two particular pieces that we recommend you try: the Kirtland International Expandable Carry-On and the Knox Backpack (both in reflective silver).

The ultimate accessory to help you travel in style

The reflective silver is key here: it taps into the incredibly on-trend athleisure movement (where sporty clothes are adapted to be worn for everyday situations, not just the gym), and it favours both style and functionality (thanks to its evening visibility) in its design. Above all, the entire collection showcases the brand’s commitment to design excellence and technical innovation.

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