These are the top 10 most attractive jobs, according to science

Who gets the most right swipes on dating apps?

How much are you influenced, as you swipe right and left on dating apps, by somebody’s job? Would you take a chance on a pilot, regardless of their looks? Would the most attractive sewage plant worker still not make the cut? Or could you not care less what your potential partner does for a living?

Location-based dating app Happn has today released data revealing what occupations are considered the most attractive, based on the number of matches each gets. And the winner, from the app’s 1.7 million UK users, may surprise you.

Despite being much-maligned in many circles, the lawyer has come out on top as the most attractive male job in the country, followed swiftly by those who work in finance and doctors.

Architects, bankers and even investment analysts make the top ten, suggesting that those of us who have adopted a casual style and creative job to win women with our bad boy attitudes would be better off sticking to a suit-and-tie, 9-to-5 office job.

The women we find most attractive are also lawyers, according to Happn, with teachers, those who work in advertising and nurses also making the top ten. But gents, if this news has rocked you, and  you’re now considering a career change, see below for the full list of the top ten jobs that’ll catch her eye.

  1. Lawyer
  2. Finance
  3. Doctor
  4. Engineer
  5. Investment analyst
  6. Designer
  7. Architect
  8. Trader
  9. Banking
  10. Teacher

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