Czech & Speake Foldable Leather Card Holder

The Pick: Czech & Speake Foldable Leather Card Holder

Gone are the days of the over-stuffed wallet. This lightweight offering from Czech & Speake will keep your money in check (and the lines of your jacket in shape...)

When was the last time you paid cash for something? Can you even remember? As quick taps and banking apps increasingly take over our wallets, everything from your Uber to your Deliveroo can be ordered, paid for, and delivered to your doorstep from your phone and card. Coins and notes, it would appear, have had their day.

With this in mind, Gentleman’s Journal has done away with the classic wallet, and downsized to a neat, chic cardholder. More specifically, we’re relying on this festive red number from Czech & Speake. Perfect for storing your credit, business or Oyster cards, along with a token note or two, this is the best accessory for a modern man’s money — and it won’t ruin the lines of your jacket, either.

This sleek extra-flat foldable wallet easily slips inside any jacket or trouser pocket, and the interior is designed to stylishly add practicality with curved lines along the card pockets for better grip.

Gentleman’s Journal says…

“It can be difficult to come across an excellent men’s grooming house that stays respectful and true to grooming tradition — whilst also exhibiting exciting and pioneering inventiveness. In Czech & Speake, we found just that. From its leather goods to grooming essentials, it’s a brand you should be buying.”

The Pick: Czech & Speake Foldable Leather Card Holder

Czech & Speake Foldable Card Holder Leather


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