Introducing the bulked-up, snow-beating Tesla Model Y ‘Offroad’

With widened tracks, chunkier wheel arches and a ground clearance of 22cm, this mod is the work of Bavaria-based tuner delta4x4…

For all its bells, whistles and battery-powered benefits, the Tesla Model Y is a reasonably unassuming motor. Introduced to little fanfare four years ago, the compact crossover has an autopilot, a smart-summon feature and even a ‘bio-weapon defence mode’ — but it’s always been seen as the little, less-capable brother of the burly Model X.

And yet, it remains Britain’s best-selling electric vehicle, and large swatches of the clean-running car community swear by its sturdy capabilities. These existing fans will likely be elated, then, at the news that German tuner delta4x4 has upped these credentials comprehensively with the creation of the Model Y ‘Offroad’.

Among the changes made by the Bavarian brand are widened tracks, chunkier wheel arches and the raising of the car by 8cm — which ups the ground clearance to a ridge-riding 22cm (or, as delta4x4 puts it: “Lada Niva levels!”). There’s a roof rack added, ideal for stocking up on chilly roadtrip essentials, an 18,000-lumen light bar and high-powered headlights.

The tyres are perhaps the most Arctic-ready addition to this Model Y. The brand has retro-fitted 265/45R20 Continental tires with Cross Contact ATR profiles, which will not only let the car to cruise comfortable on highways and byways, but will also allow it to tackle off-road terrains with the same smooth ride.

The company has also added more advanced expedition features, such as a solid roof rack of their own design, which the German engineers allege can transport a wild boar or even an elk — “should the need arise”. This rack is also the ideal spot to mount a row of Japanese PIAA LED lights or heavy duty traction mats, and makes a perfect place for erecting a roof tent — if you’re feeling particularly brave.

Of course, while delta4x4 has tuned the Model Y for serious snow action, Tesla didn’t skimp on frost-beating features when it first rolled the car out onto icy roads. The automaker’s mobile app features a ‘Defrost Car’ button for particularly wintry days, programmed to melt snow, ice, and frost on the windscreen, and warm the high voltage battery to a usable temperature. The brand also maintains a partnership with König ‘K-Summit’ snow chains.

Yet perhaps the biggest lesson to take away from this latest tuned-up take on the compact crossover is that, despite us being initially underwhelmed with the Model Y, with only a handful of accessories and add-ons (the lift kit costs €900, the headlights €900 and the roof rack €2,900) the £44,000 SUV can be transformed into an adventure-ready motor that could go toe-to-toe — or tyre-to-snow-chained-tyre — with the bulkiest, best electric SUVs on the slopes.

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