Superyacht Helios is a floating art gallery

Step aboard this superyacht and enjoy some of the world's finest art...

The impulse that compels you to step aboard a superyacht is the same that acts within an art buyer at auction — that is, the desire to experience for oneself a piece of incomparable craftsmanship.

After all, life at sea, as so often in art, is a chance for escapism and the total immersion in an otherworldly beauty.

It’s no surprise then, that yacht owners are increasingly opting to curate their floating interiors with an attention to detail formerly reserved for their homes on land.

A private art collection onboard can offer a view from within your floating four walls to rival even the most beautiful horizon outside, and when it comes to curating the ultimate collection, few can claim to play host to quite as many famous names as the newly refitted HELIOS.

Helios Yacht deck

Taking her name from the sun god of Greek mythology, the HELIOS superyacht is quite literally a floating beacon of aesthetic and nautical luxury, with a spacious design providing accommodation for up to 14 guests and 14 crew to allow for a premium chartering experience.

In keeping with its namesake, HELIOS boasts expansive exterior spaces to cater for sun-worshippers — including a sun deck and outdoor jacuzzi, alongside a shaded al fresco dining area and a large beach club on the lower decks.

Torso of a Goddess, 18-19th Century, Tibeto Chinese

For those so inclined, there is even an extensive outdoor gym to allow for aforementioned sunbathers to hone their physique, working to the soundtrack of the surrounding ocean.

For art connoisseurs, however, the true beauty of this sublime waterborne home lies below deck. HELIOS utilises a fresh and neutral interiors pallet, combining shades of gold and beige with sophisticated light wood paneling in order to create a relaxing indoor environment.

These surfaces set the backdrop for the work of some of the most revered artists and photographers of all time.

Tibet House Portfolio Collections, Artist Unknown

Step into the main salon and hallway, and find yourself face to face with the works of Andy Warhol (Hélène Rochas, 1975), Damien Hirst (Beautiful Sick and Jealous of What You’ve Got, 2005) and George Condo’s Phoenician Boy (2002), among others.

Explore the upper hallway, gallery, and the captain’s cabin to enjoy the company of some of world’s most iconic photographs — including Annie Leibovitz’s 1990 portrait of Mikhail Baryshnikov, and Eve Arnold’s 1960 capture of Marilyn Monroe on the set of Misfits.

You’ll even find an artist within the frame in Thomas Hoepker’s photo Andy Warhol with Stuffed Dog from 1981, amongst the breadth of this extraordinary collection.

Works of iconic furniture design are also incorporated throughout, including Marc Newson’s Komed chairs (1996) in the dining room, Glyn Peter Machin’s Director’s Chair upon the bridge deck and the Eros Side Table (1971) by Angelo Mangiarotti.

Kakimono III, Alexander Calder, 1971

Accessories and décor pieces have been chosen with an equally selective eye, and include works by revered designers Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and the Silas Seandel studio.

HELIOS’ catalogue of toys include a waterslide, rock climbing wall, cinema and foam machine, so there is plenty to keep you entertained on the waves no matter what the occasion demands.

However, it is her perfectly curated gallery which renders this yacht unlike any other. To board HELIOS is to sail, eat, sleep and live amongst a collection of some of the greatest artwork of the past century.

Key stats:

2018: The year the yacht underwent a refit

Interior designers: Hallberg Wisely

Amenities: Gym, cinema, jacuzzi, beach club

Superyacht Helios is a floating art gallery

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