What your supercar says about you

Just like the watch you put on your wrist or the shoes you put on your feet, the car you choose to drive says a lot about you. If you’re lucky enough to be able to afford a supercar though, this notion is massively intensified. Depending on which supercar you purchase, people will either think you’re the man or someone who seriously lacks taste and class. Read on to find out what your supercar says about you.


supercar - TGJ.01

When someone mentions ‘supercar’, it’s likely that the first marque that comes to mind is Ferrari. They are the most recognisable car brand in the world but can be on the flashy side, especially when painted in Rosso Corsa like the F12 pictured above.


supercar - TGJ.02

Lamborghini are renowned for their aggressively outlandish designs, like the Aventador pictured above. Lamborghini owners aren’t afraid of making a statement – if you’re going to buy a supercar you may as well go all out, right?


supercar - TGJ.03

Perhaps the classiest of all supercars, Aston Martins are elegant and for the most part, refined. Sit behind the wheel of one and you’ll instantly become five times more stylish.


supercar - TGJ.04

Jaguars are more subtle than other high-end cars, offering a sophisticated slice of English splendour.


supercar - TGJ.05

Mercedes’ supercar offering is limited, but the German marque know how to create a serious weapon. The new AMG GT looks set to be as slick as they come, and potential owners will benefit from this to no end.


supercar - TGJ.06

For many, Pagani are the ultimate supercar marque. Their innovative automobiles are for discerning perfectionists who want a machine that has had no expense spared in its construction, performance and looks.


supercar - TGJ.07

The Veyron may be the fastest car in the world but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will make you look cool. It lacks style and class but then it will out-run anything on the road. Pros and cons.


supercar - TGJ.08

Classic is the way to go. Like a vintage Patek Philippe or a Savile Row suit, a classic supercar like the Ferrari Dino pictured above will make you look like a God. Rarity, flamboyance and effortless style are all attributes associated with the classic supercar, so you better start saving now.

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