The Four Seasons Voavah private island resort

Is this the world’s premier private island?

Get away from it all at the ultimate island retreat...

In this age of mindfulness, we’re often urged to step away from the unrelenting glare of our screens, rid ourselves of distractions and learn to breathe with all the meditative focus of a sage. In other words, to empty the mind in order to fill it.

But while this might sound wonderful, it can be difficult to imagine yourself on a deserted island breathing in the sea air when you’re in a sticky office in the City armed only with a yoga mat and a brain brimful of deadlines.

Is this the world’s premier private island?

Luckily, there is a place where you can achieve a state of near total peace: the Four Seasons Voavah private island resort. This slice of secluded paradise promises to be the perfect antidote to the daily stresses of modern life.

Located in Baa Atoll in the Maldives, Voavah is a remote natural wilderness with immaculate white beaches and crystal-clear waters as far as the eye can see.

Is this the world’s premier private island?

From the moment your private seaplane touches down at the resort, you can shape your holiday to perfectly meet your desires. Take advantage of the vibrant surrounding reefs and PADI Five-Star Dive Centre, and swim alongside reef sharks, kaleidoscopic fish and turtles — these gentle creatures are sure to lull you into a more meditative calm than the priciest therapist’s lounge on Harley Street.

Or, hop aboard the Voavah Summer private luxury yacht and explore the entire Baa Atoll, including protected Baathala to the north and manta hotspot Hanifaru to the south.

Is this the world’s premier private island?

If you’d rather enjoy the tranquillity of the ocean from the shore, then simply lie back in an overwater hammock and let the lullaby of the lapping waves send you to sleep — or drink in the incomparable views from a panoramic mezzanine suite, cocktail in hand, as the sun goes down.

Is this the world’s premier private island?

For the ultimate in mindful indulgence, visit the island’s Ocean of Consciousness Spa, where you can enjoy bespoke treatments designed to connect body and soul with life’s highest values, believed by enlightened sages to offer the path to ultimate bliss.

We have a feeling that as you’re massaged to the rhythm of the surrounding azure sea, you’ll be inclined to agree with them

Is this the world’s premier private island?

Voavah Private Island

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