Sons of London reinvent their 5 key styles in suede

From Brogues to Boots, the styles are now available in soft goatskin suede

Since launching their luxury brand, Sons of London have created some of the finest hand-crafted leather shoes in Britain. Bursting onto the scene and disrupting the high-end shoe market, our eyes were first drawn to the company as they offer their shoes direct-to-consumer, making impeccable craftsmanship and sartorial elegance incredibly affordable.

And, by sticking to five styles – Oxfords, Brogues, Double-Monks and Chelsea Boots and Strap Boots – they have perfected durable style. But now, they are expanding their range.

Worry not, however, as the styles will remain the same – ensuring that your fit and cut don’t suffer in the name of profit margins. Instead, the shoes will come in different materials to offer you more choice, most notably in suede – a good move to give edge to shoes we already love.

The shoemaker’s choice is incredibly soft goatskin suede, which is considerably finer and more luxurious than cow suede, and has been treated specially during the leather tanning process to afford the material water resistant properties that won’t brush off like suede protectant.

The Oxfords, so named when an old shoe design took on a new lease of life when adopted by the big thinkers of Oxford University in the 1800s, is now available in the considerably more understated and professorial suede – still for £180.

The Double Monk, first designed as a durable alternative to sandals for travelling European Monks, have been given the suede treatment – adding to their reputation as the most stylish footwear of the summer.

The Chelsea boots in suede will help you recapture the heart of the design – back to when they found fame during the Swinging 60s in the London borough of the same name. And the Strap Boots, originally introduced in the late 19th century by the Indian polo team, and also known as the Jodhpur boots, have been upgraded into luxury with a rendering in suede – both for just £200.

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