Shirt up like a Kingsman with Turnbull & Asser

The Kingsmen aren't the only things returning. Turnbull & Asser are back to dress the agents.

Turnbull & Asser have been involved with some of the most striking silver screen fashion of all time. From outfitting superspy James Bond to decking out Heath Ledger’s sinister Joker, many iconic moments are immaculately wrapped up in the Jermyn Street shirtmaker’s efforts. Now, the iconic outfitters is adding another film to that list; Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

The second instalment in the mightily-fun and impeccably tailored spy series, The Golden Circle sees the organisation’s Savile Row headquarters destroyed – we know, it hurt to watch – and the suited and booted agents jump across the pond to tackle Julianne Moore’s evil Poppy.

And, just like the first film, the wardrobe takes top billing. Chief among the threads, yet again, is Turnbull & Asser – who provided shirts, pyjamas and a dressing gown for Colin Firth’s character in the first film, and return this time around, making 102 shirts for the production.

Alongside some of the finest names in British fashion, tailoring and heritage, the brand have provided the costume design team – championed by Arianne Phillips – with a range of bespoke Turnbull & Asser garments, some made looser for stunts and some impeccably cut to compliment the acting and story of these sharp-suited spies.

‘Kingsman agents have long been purveyors of style, as well as protectors of humankind as we know it,’ say Turnbull & Asser. ‘Our bespoke shirts – made with 18 measurements – ensured movement, durability and comfort in times of extreme stress, pressure and the occasional shoot out. 102 shirts were made in total, including the ‘cowboy’ shirts for the Statesman agents. In addition to shirts for the lead characters, we created extra pieces for stunt doubles which had slightly looser fits for executing action scenes.’

‘The actual process of creation for the new Kingsman movie was very familiar to us, having been involved in close collaboration with wardrobe departments of several blockbusters in past and recent years.” says Head of Design, Dean Gomilsek-Cole. “The Kingsman films have a very British flavour, and as one of the few remaining British brands that still manufactures in England, collaborations like this are very important.”

Shop the entire Kingsman collection at Mr Porter – but start off your collection with one of Turnbull & Assers dependable shirts.

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