Setting sail with the world’s most expensive boats

The luxury yacht industry is booming. But when it comes to gross, floating displays of wealth how big is too big?

Portofino is a small Italian fishing village, a popular resting place for millionaires

Superyacht heaven: Portofino’s marina

Way back in the depths of lockdown, we reported about the booming industry for luxury yachts. Like our recent story on the champagne market, the long and short of it is that rich people have got lots of spare money, and are bored. Hence these incredible purchases.

Unlike investing in mega expensive bubbly, though, buying a yacht offers more than cache and fleeting pleasure; it offers a place to hide out from the hoi polloi, a floating fortress complete with everything from helicopter pads to cinemas and gyms to – as a fantastic New Yorkerlong read explored – entire galleries of priceless art. And of course, you’ll need some smaller boats to go on your boat.

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