sustainable grooming brands

Scrub up on the best sustainable grooming brands

It’s time to give your bathroom cabinet the eco-treatment. We’ve found the best brands to update your shaving routine, shampoo regime and oral hygiene...

We all know the importance of being clean. From a scrub in the shower to a brush of our teeth, our first sleepy steps in the morning — yes, even before those taken towards the coffee machine — are used to stumble into the bathroom; to turn on the taps and try to make ourselves worthy of the world outside our front doors. But pause your grooming routine for a moment, for there’s another kind of cleanliness you should also be interested in: that of eco-friendliness.

From clean power to clean air, sustainability has long been a watchword of the discerning gentleman. And, as the world becomes increasingly eco-aware, we’re all striving to live every corner of our lives more cleanly. So, in a collision of definitions, let’s shine a light on clean-living cleaning. We’ve scrubbed up on the most sustainable grooming brands — and we’re ready to give your bathroom cabinet the eco-treatment.

Neal’s Yard Remedies will sharpen up your shaving routine

Neal’s Yard Remedies

Based in Covent Garden, Neal’s Yard Remedies was founded in 1981 and has grown into one of the most established eco-grooming brands in the world. And ‘grown’ is an apt word — the company’s sustainable ethos sees it source only organic ingredients to create its products, eschewing harmful pesticides, controversial chemicals and any synthetic colourings. It’s a gentle, natural approach; and one which lends itself handsomely to your shaving routine.

It’s advisable to be careful when you’ve got a blade in your hand, and the Neal’s Yard Remedies range has taken care to protect your skin. From its Close Shave Cream, that contains softening organic oat extract, to its Cooling Aftershave Balm with sustainably sourced aloe vera, these are products that’ll ensure your shave always goes smoothly. Even the Cologne is organic; a blend of 13 aromatherapeutic organic essential oils.

Scrub up on the best sustainable grooming brands

Cooling Aftershave Balm


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Terra & Co will brush up your dental hygiene

Terra & Co

Natural, non-toxic and cruelty-free — that’s the pearly white mantra of Amra and Azra Hajdarevic, founders of LA-based dental hygiene brand Terra & Co. After identifying that many oral products on the market use harmful chemicals that can be absorbed through the mouth, the sisters set to work creating a cool range of natural, sustainable alternatives.

And they’re worth investing in. The Charcoal Toothpaste combines coconut and tea tree oils, the Bamboo Toothbrush is biodegradable and crafted from the world’s fastest-growing plant, and the Brilliant Black Dental Floss is made with activated charcoal and bamboo fibres. But the crowning glory? The Coconut Oil Teeth Whitener; a powerful Ayurvedic blend that uses a daily swill of oil to ‘pull’ pathogens from the mouth.

Scrub up on the best sustainable grooming brands

Charcoal Toothpaste and Bamboo Toothbrush


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Scrub up on the best sustainable grooming brands

Coconut Oil Teeth Whitener


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Scrub up on the best sustainable grooming brands

Brilliant Black Dental Floss


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Laboratory Perfumes will spritz sustainability onto your grooming regime

Laboratory Perfumes

Founded in 2011, the British-based Laboratory Perfumes is revolutionising the scent sector. Not only are the brand’s bottlings unisex, but they are also all made in the UK using socially conscious, environmentally-friendly and cruelty-free ingredients. There’s no animal-testing, they’re fully vegan and are free from parabens. And, of course, they smell delightful.

There’s an elegant Tonka scent; exotic and indulgent and formulated from the dried berries of the Peruvian pepper tree. Our second favourite scent, Gorse, takes its inspiration from a gorse-lined driveway in Provence — and hides a surprising, spicy depth. And Amber, a multilayered and long-lasting scent, has captured the grassy, green essence of the British countryside.

Wild Sage + Co will clean up your skin

Wild Sage + Co

Few brands could project an image more ecological than Wild Sage + Co. Nestled in the valleys of the River Wye, the company’s countryside cottage is a people-powered production line of cold pressed soaps, skin loving balms and all natural skincare. And it pays to care for your complexion.

To that end, check out the brand’s Charcoal Detox Soap — created using the cold press methods and formulated using all-natural plant and nut oils. Following this in your grooming regime with the brand’s Balancing Salt Scrub, which utilises Himalayan pink salt as a natural exfoliator. Finally, give your skin the gift of this Kaolin + Flowers Face Mask to draw out toxins and decongest pores.

Scrub up on the best sustainable grooming brands

Kaolin + Flowers Face Mask


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Korres will lather up sustainable suds for your haircare routine


From the shores of Greece, Korres may have homeopathy as the cornerstone of its brand — we’re skeptical — but its dedication to the environment and sustainable practices in undeniable. The nature on the island of Naxos serves as inspiration for the range — and we’re rather taken by its haircare line.

This Sunflower & Mountain Tea Shampoo promises to protect hair from damage thanks to its natural sources of polyphenols. Wheat proteins and magnesium support the energy balance of your follicular cells in the brand’s Magnesium & Wheat Proteins Shampoo. Alternatively, for a natural all-in-one wash, try this Olive Nutritional 3-in-1; enriched with extra virgin olive oil.

Scrub up on the best sustainable grooming brands

Sunflower & Mountain Tea Shampoo


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Scrub up on the best sustainable grooming brands

Magnesium & Wheat Proteins Shampoo


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Scrub up on the best sustainable grooming brands

Olive Nutritional 3-in-1


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