In the forests of Montana, this unique home is where the art is

Step inside RCR House, a north American build created from natural materials and a most unlikely and impressive art gallery

There’s something about Montana – perhaps the rolling pine forests or the fresh, clear lakes – that you’d think would bring out your inner, rugged woodsman. But this lodge, worlds away from the log-clad cabins that might spring to mind, is more likely to coax out your fondness for luxury.

Completed in 2016 by Carney Logan Burke, this home was custom built to house the owners’ inimitable art collection – and is architecturally striking enough to join the collection itself.

9,000 feet of connected buildings surround an elevated courtyard, rooms built from wood sitting atop stone walls that extend into the landscape. It’s the perfect place for an art collection, with barrels of natural light pouring in through the windows — from which views of the nearby meadows and mountains can be endlessly enjoyed.

Just picture a life here — a hike in the morning through the old pine forest before you return to the home’s meditation area to relax. Then, just a short walk across the glass bridge, you can take in the secluded views of an aspen grove canopy from the private pool and deck.

In the forests of Montana, this unique home is where the art is

It’s close to nature, too. The floors are made from walnut, and the walls created with wood, cut Montana Sandstone and clear cedar. It’s the perfect palette — clean cut and simple, but never competing with the art.

But the real charm comes when the sun sets. With vast panoramic windows and plenty of cosy outdoor areas, it won’t take much for the stars to snatch your attention away from the art on the walls. And what starscapes they’ll be — these are the wilds of North America, after all…

In the forests of Montana, this unique home is where the art is

RCR House Montana

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