nico rosberg

Nico Rosberg on life after Formula One and becoming an eco-investor

The former racing driver explains why investing in green tech has never been more important

When you’ve spent your entire life hitting the world’s most exciting race courses in some of its fastest cars, one imagines retirement can be, well, a bit slow. Some move into lower octane championships, some become commentators. Others sell cars or – in the case of Paolo Barilla – helm the family pasta company.

When Nico Rosberg retired in 2016, just five days after winning his first and only world championship, it was a big surprise. At 31, the German still had plenty of years on the track in him and was clearly at the top of his game but, he said, he wanted to quit while he was ahead. So what would he do next?

Well, after a quick stint on the podcast circuit, the answer for Rosberg was to join the heady world of investing – and specifically eco-investing. He now holds shares in environmentally conscious firms including Formula E, Tier Mobility, Lilium and Chargepoint, as well as becoming a founding member of the Greentech Festival. Here he tells us about his journey into eco-investing and why he’s devoted his life to helping green entrepreneurs.

nico rosberg

Why is it important to you to invest in organisations that have a low or positive impact on the environment?
As an entrepreneur, I try to follow one principle: I want to make a positive impact with my business, whether it’s for the environment or for society. As humans, one of the biggest challenges we face is the climate crisis and all its associated consequences for life on this planet. This is a tragedy of which we are all aware but I want to face it with positivity. I believe we can find solutions to the world’s most pressing problems and that we have the responsibility to do so. Being able to contribute to endeavours that are doing this is a great source of personal happiness.

Do you think this is something more investors should be considering?
Sustainability is not an investment trend, but a necessity. Our global economy will collapse if we don’t make every effort to reduce its negative impact on the planet. Many companies have already adapted to become more environmentally conscious and governments everywhere are working on stricter regulations. Investors can help drive this development so it’s great to see the interest we receive from stakeholders at the Greentech Festival.

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