Meet Henry Hales, the man turning offcuts into high fashion

‘We want to appeal to men who appreciate quality and good design - and who are perhaps a bit eccentric...’

Like any self-respecting journo I did my prep prior to the interview. There were several angles with which to explore the interesting brand Sir Plus, which is essentially to the fashion world what the NutriBullet is to ugly fruit. And there was, I’m told, a just-as-interesting character at the helm: Henry Hales, 28, who hasn’t had a Saturday off for six and a half years.

He started the company with a modest investment and began his journey on a market stall in Spitalfields, selling boxer shorts made from the offcuts strewn under various London cutting tables. It has since been an arduous slog up the slippery rungs of the fashion ladder. Especially given Henry’s lack of experience; he studied Real Estate Management at Oxford Brookes, not textiles or design.

So I had an inspirational entrepreneurship hook, with an eco-friendly twist to complement. What I got, however, was a hangover.

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