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Johannes Huebl has teamed up with Frescobol Carioca – and you’ll want everything

The jet-setting model and fine resortwear brand are a match made in style heaven

It takes a confident man to admit he designed an entire capsule collection based on his own wardrobe. But, when that man is globe-trotting model, influencer, entrepreneur and all-round stylish gent Johannes Huebl, it becomes easy to understand why this might be the case.

“I considered which styles in my closet I’m always drawn towards when travelling, and what was missing,” he says of the starting point for his recently launched collaboration with Frescobol Carioca. “When they told me that they were hoping to expand their offering to include tailoring, it seemed like a perfect partnership.”

Yes, you read that right. The Brazilian-inspired brand who you’ve been turning to for tailored swim shorts, lightweight linen shirts and, of course, those famous beach bats that have become holiday essentials, is dipping its toe into tailoring. Of course, this being a Frescobol Carioca capsule collection, the emphasis is still very much on travel – and in Johannes Huebl it’s found the perfect partner to identify the needs of the modern jet setter.

“I wanted to create pieces that will slot seamlessly into a man’s wardrobe. Pieces that he can wear anywhere,” says Huebl. Well, we’ve has a sneak preview of the line of deconstructed blazers, camp collar shirts, swimwear and chinos and, trust us, the collaboration has achieved just that. Here he talks turning designer, styling tricks and why he’ll never get tried of tailoring…

What drew you to this partnership?
I’ve long been a fan of Frescobol Carioca – I think its aesthetic and my personal style have a lot of overlap so the collection was really inspired by my own wardrobe and travels. We also looked to all the classic icons of male style, particularly those timeless images of Riviera-resortwear, while the team at Frescobol Carioca are always inspired by the style of Rio.

Tell us a little about the design process.
It was a true collaboration between myself and the team at FC. We began by developing some of their pre-existing signatures in colours I felt were missing from the market – its classic linen shirts, for example, in a chic blue and white stripe or the jacquard swim shorts in a really subtle print on an elegant dark navy fabric. Then there were the tailoring styles, which were a first for Frescobol. We based these on my favourite pieces from my own wardrobe to create ‘ultimate’ styles. I was very particular as I wanted them to be perfect – and I’m so happy with the way they’ve turned out.

How big a role does tailoring play in your everyday wardrobe?
Casual tailoring is really the basis of my wardrobe. I’m attracted to a timeless look that is both elegant and easy. I like pieces that aren’t trend led and can be worn year after year without going out of style – and tailoring is so important for this. I’m also trying to focus on buying less but better from a sustainability perspective. Tailoring is great for this because you can immediately spot a quality piece worth investing in.

johannes huebl frescobol carioca

What, for you, are the true markers of great tailoring?
Great tailoring is all about the fit. Proportion and size are so important. Features such as the length of the arms or the cut of the shoulder can completely change how a piece looks. An issue with a lot of modern blazers is that they’re too short for most bodies. That said, you can’t expect everything you buy off the rack to be flattering on everyone so, for me, working with a tailor to adapt styles to my liking is very important.

When it came to designing the collection, we really focused on structural elements, such as the double vent on the linen blazers, as they can really impact the way a jacket falls. Another key factor, of course, is the fabric. We wanted the tailoring pieces to be made from the finest possible materials so we sourced fabrics from renowned Italian fabric mills Albini and Sondrino to guarantee this.

Which pieces from the collection have you already incorporated into your wardrobe?
While we were working on this project I was trying to envisage myself in my favourite summer spots, such as LA, the Caribbean and the Amalfi Coast, so I’m excited to wear it all! The piece that I’ve worn most so far is the long sleeved Tencel shirt. It’s such an easy, versatile piece and lends itself so well to day-to-night dressing. The fabric, which is a sustainable textile made from eucalyptus sap, hangs like silk and I love the way it feels.

What do you always pack when travelling?
I believe in packing versatile pieces that will work anywhere, from beach to bar. For warmer weather, I try to pack light items – fabrics such as cotton, linen and seersucker. Outside of clothing, I always travel with a cabin bag filled with all my electrical equipment and skincare products – hydrating is essential when travelling!

What simple styling trick do you swear by?
I personally don’t like to wear a belt, and prefer the way trousers look without belt loops – I think it’s a much cleaner, less fussy silhouette. This means I often take my trousers to the tailor to have side adjusters fitted – that way I can alter the size if I happen to skip lunch or over indulge one day!

johannes huebl frescobol carioca

Johannes Huebl x Frescobol Carioca

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