Here are all the cars Bond will drive (and wreck) in No Time To Die

From the four (count them) Aston Martins in the latest film, to a couple of Land Rovers, here's what 007 will drive in No Time To Die...

No Time To Die has hardly sped into cinemas, has it? Instead, thanks to producers and the pandemic, the 25th James Bond film has stalled and stopped again and again — piling up in the never-ending traffic jam of postponed premieres and delayed release dates.

And yet, in April, Daniel Craig’s final outing as the superspy should screech around the corner and onto our screens. Will it get the theatrical release it deserves? Will it be sold to a streaming service?Will it be pushed back yet again? We have no idea. But one thing we do know? There will be a lot of cars in it.

Some of these cars, Bond will use. Some, he will shoot. Some, he will use to shoot other cars. He’ll leap from the path of a 1994 Maserati Quattraporte IV. He’ll riddle a helpless 2002 Lancia Thesis with bullets. He’ll even cross paths with a 2002 Toyota Land Cruiser.

But we’re not interested in them. We’re interested in the Aston Martins, the Land Rovers and the Triumphs — the cars and motorbikes built in Britain and commandeered for Queen and Country. These cars are as British as Bond; deployed on film for the same patriotic reason and more than up to the job. Here’s when and where they’ll be used in No Time To Die.

The return of the 1964 Aston Martin DB5

What is it? The ultimate Bond car, that’s what. With appearances in eight different Bond films, the DB5 is more prolific than any actor to play 007. But, with those gunmetal good looks and throaty straight-6, we’re not complaining.

When will we see it? During the breakneck opening of the film. The car will tear through the southern Italian city of Matera — as Bond and Madeleine Swann are pursued by gun-toting spectres of the good doctor’s past.

What’ll happen to it? Remember in Skyfall? When this very car was shot to pieces? Probably the same thing again. Despite being kitted out with twin Browning machine-guns, smokescreens and bumper rams, it looks like the iconic DB5 will find its time to die. But it’ll be back — it always is…

The 1985 Aston Martin V8 MKIV will ride again

What is it? You remember the V8! It’s the car with which Aston Martin returned to the Bond franchise in 1987’s The Living Daylights. Then driven by Timothy Dalton, it was fitted with tyre spikes, heat-seeking missiles, lasers, retractable skis and a self-destruct system. Nifty.

When will we see it? During No Time To Die’s London-set scenes — when Bond makes his triumphant (if a little tired) return to MI6. The muscular V8 will also show up in Norway, when the film decamps to The North Atlantic Road.

What’ll happen to it? Hopefully nothing bad. It remains to be seen if this V8 is as gadget-laden as Bond’s previous model, but set photos show it tangled up in a Scandinavian car chase with a Range Rover Sport SVR. We wish it all of its 5.3-litre luck.

The Land Rover Series III will trundle back into the fold

What is it? Coincidentally, the Series III — Land Rover’s iconic 1971 workhorse — also last appeared in The Living Daylights. 007’s latest model is blue, and has both a spare wheel on the bonnet and custom wheel arches.

When will we see it? In Jamaica, when Bond is wallowing deep in sun-soaked retirement. The car looks to be his daily runaround before he is pulled back into the spy game by both Lashana Lynch’s Nomi and old CIA buddy, Felix Leiter.

What’ll happen to it? It’ll likely be quietly retired out in the Caribbean when Bond jets off back to London — left in the garage with Nomi’s Royal Alloy GT125 scooter and 007’s Riffe Speargun.

The 2018 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera will make its slick debut

What is it? Based on the underpinnings of the DB11, Aston’s Ferrari-killer was released to acclaim three years ago — fitted with a fearsome, double-O worthy, Aston-made turbocharged 5.2-litre V12 engine.

When will we see it? Seemingly, the DBS Superleggera will be driven by Lashana Lynch’s Nomi when she bumps into Bond in Norway. Whether or not he drives it — or sticks to the more masculine V8 above — remains to be seen.

What’ll happen to it? Again, who knows. Aside from rumbling slowly down a dust track in Norway, the only clip we’ve seen featuring the DBS Superleggera sees it hooning down an airport runway. However it’s used, Aston Martin promise that the car will make “quite the entrance in the film”.

The 2020 Aston Martin Valhalla is set to make a quick cameo

What is it? Aston Martin’s revolutionary mid-engined sports car. Just one step down from the track-focused Valkyrie, the Valhalla is a striking, slick collaboration between the carmaker and Red Bull Racing.

When will we see it? According to the carmaker, the Valhalla will only make a ‘special cameo appearance’ in No Time To Die. A brief shot in the film’s trailer shows Ralph Fiennes’ M standing in front of one.

What’ll happen to it? This one scene may be the extent of the Valhalla’s acting career. However, with its twin-turbocharged V6 churning out 986 horsepower, we’d be disappointed if we didn’t see it in action.

The 2020 Land Rover Defender 110 will fly, flip and fall

What is it? You must know by now. Land Rover’s long-awaited redesign of perhaps its most famous model was launched in 2019 — with multiple models supplied to No Time To Die’s production team secretly beforehand.

When will we see it? Again, it looks like Norway (where it’s all happening). Ten Defenders were supplied, and at least one will be driven by Billy Magnussen’s CIA agent Logan Ash, who “coordinates the pursuit of Bond”.

What’ll happen to it? One of the film’s most ambitious automotive sequences will see a whole clutch of Defenders barrelling over the Scandi landscape – pursued by a helicopter and several motorbikes.

The Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE will be commandeered by Bond

What is it? We know, it’s a motorbike. But it seems unfair to leave Triumph’s handsome new Scrambler out; with its rugged matte black finish, anodised mudguards and black powder coating.

When will we see it? In that opening sequence in Matera. Playing second fiddle to the DB5, the Scrambler looks to be commandeered by Bond after he knocks Dali Benssalah’s assassin ‘Primo’ out of the saddle.

What’ll happen to it? We’ve all seen that jump in the trailer. But, as hardy as Triumph have built this bike, we can’t imagine it ends well for the Scrambler. Coupled with the DB5, it looks like no cars will make it out of Matera alive…

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