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Get your daily dose of travel inspiration from these 9 Instagram explorers

From the top of mountains to the depths of the oceans, these are the best adventurers to follow — around the world and on Instagram

Wanderlust can be a terrible thing. Be it from on your sofa or behind your desk, you need only lift up your phone and be transported through Instagram to the farthest corners of the world; at once inspired to travel yourself some day, but also reminded that you, currently, are not there.

But don’t delete the app just yet. Even if you’re cutting down on the number of sunsets and incredible adventures you see on your feed every day, we’ve found just shy of ten explorers whose accounts will move you for all the right reasons. From studies of far-flung cultures to shots of panoramas to take your breath away, these are the best explorers on Instagram — and why you should be following them.

If you’re looking for mountains, follow Jimmy Chin

Known for: Incredible mountain views

Based in: Jackson Hole and New York City

1.9 million

Follow him because:
If you’re into snow-capped peaks and some frosty photography, then Chin’s your man. From Greenland to Gangotri (that’s in the Himalayas), if there’s an icy landscape to explore, he’s there.

If you’re searching for the surf, follow Chris Burkard

Known for: Coastal shots

Based in: California

Followers: 3.2 million

Follow him because: Burkard may do it all — from mountains to deserts — but his best shots are captured when he takes his trusty surfboard to the coast. Want huge waves, golden sunsets and some tomb-stoning? He’s got it all.

If you’re looking for hiking inspiration, follow Johan Lolos

Known for: Rolling green hills

Based in: Liège, Belgium

Followers: 465,000

Follow him because: Known by his Insta alter-ego, lebackpacker, Lolos is the hiker we all want to be. With expeditions from New Zealand to the Pyrenees, his shots of winding roads and meandering rivers are not to be missed.

If you’re looking to get back to nature, follow Pete McBride

Known for: Nature photography

Based in: Basalt, Colorado

Followers: 707,000

Follow him because: This National Geographic photographer is not only invested in environmental issues around the world, but he’s also captured some of the finest wildlife photographs we’ve ever seen on Instagram.

If you want an adrenaline-fuelled daredevil, follow Tim Kemple

Known for: Climbing his way around the world

Based in: Salt Lake City, Utah

Followers: 244,000

Follow him because: This is an explorer who will take his camera to the most extreme places, and do whatever it takes to get a shot. The landscapes may be impressive, but his commitment to clicking the shutter perhaps more so.

If you want to dive into the depths of the sea, follow Paul Nicklen

Known for: Exploring the seas

Based in: Vancouver Island, Canada

Followers: 4.6 million

Follow him because: He’s a former Wildlife Photographer of the Year, and manages to capture his expeditions into the sea with an equal focus on the icy atmosphere and incredible creatures he encounters.

If you want to see your city differently, follow Sam Horine

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Known for: Capturing cityscapes

Based in: New York City

Followers: 521,000

Follow him because: From London to his native New York, Horine is an expert at exploring urban environments. He’s a salient reminder that adventures don’t have to hinge on wilderness, and that there’s much still to explore on our own doorsteps.

If you want to see travel through the eyes of natives, follow Andrew Evans

Known for: Personal portraits

Based in: Washington, DC

Followers: 639,000

Follow him because: A travel writer as well as an intrepid adventurer and photographer, Evans captures the spirit and culture of wherever he ends up through the eyes of locals, telling stories and taking portraits in lieu of sweeping vistas.

If you want to see the best of the sky, follow Cole Rise

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Known for: Making you look up

Based in: San Francisco and Los Angeles

Followers: 875,000

Follow him because: It’s not often you associate the sky with exploration. But pilot Cole Rise has dedicated much of his Instagram feed to images of the sky. Think clouds, think stars, think aircraft. It’s a fresh frontier for exploration, and one expertly captured here.

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