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Creating the perfect gentleman’s study

A study, reading room, library, office – whatever you want to call it – is one of the most gentlemanly and enjoyable rooms one can have, and creating the perfect space for you is a highly enjoyable, personal experience. For many, the idea of rich mahogany-clad walls, a roaring fire, a captains chair and desk, and infinite bookcases is a true dream, and one that may take a lifetime to achieve. But achieve we must, and we’re here to help you go about creating the perfect study.

Wall Space

Firstly, one must imagine the space a hand, be it a second bedroom, or a vast hall, there are many significant yet simply ways to achieve the wonder of a personal space. Traditionally, wood cladding has been used for walls, and if not, then simply entire floor to ceiling bookcases. Now, for the modern gentleman, and one who doesn’t necessarily live on an estate, old country house or town-mansion (these will most likely have study’s already), there is only so much that can be achieved within a space. Opt for white or pastel wall colourings if the room is small, this will help to give the illusion of space and serve wonderfully as a blank-canvas for the adornment of your personal artwork or photography collection.

Gentleman's study The Gentlemans Journal


Now the wall space has been decided, it’s time to create the atmosphere you want through a series of furnishings, and this is where you can begin to fully express yourself within your unperturbed gentleman-cave. The most important feature of the study must always be the desk and chair, and we particularly like this combination.

Desk and ChairThe Gentlemans Journal

Authentic Models Pursers Chair, £379 – Eicholtz British Desk, £2,200

Next, and if space allows, club chairs or a chesterfield sofa are necessities for whiling the afternoons away whilst reading. A coffee table helps provide a space to showcase a whole range of intricacies, read our article on what should be on your coffee table to discover more. The floor must also not be forgotten – hopefully your study space will already have a non-carpeted flooring, but even if not, a beautiful vintage rug will certainly aid the ambience of a refined study space.

rug and Chair The Gentlemans Journal

Antique Bakhshaish Carpet, £POABlemheim Club Armchair, £699


An aspect to interior design that most forget is lighting. We’ve all been in rooms that are cold, clinical and unenjoyable to be in simply because of the lighting used. For the most part, overhead ceiling lights are best avoided, unless you invest in warming bulbs and the highest-quality shades. Instead opt for uplighting – either wall or floor mounted, this immediately adds ambience to to the space, making it feel warm, personal and the ideal space to spend your time. As for other lighting, a desk lamp in vital, and the most masculine and beautiful is Anglepoise, we particularly like this one.

Anglepoise The Gentlemans Journal

Type 75 Mini Desk Lamp, £105


Now, making a true gentleman’s study wouldn’t be complete without avid book space and a wide and varied collection of literature to peruse through the years. For many, the literary collection is a lifelong task, buying and reading until you have an entire library. Begin with the 10 books every gentleman should read and grow from there. As the great Henry Miller once said, ““A book lying idle on a shelf is wasted ammunition. Like money, books must be kept in constant circulation… A book is not only a friend, it makes friends for you. When you have possessed a book with mind and spirit, you are enriched. But when you pass it on you are enriched threefold.” Remember that gentlemen.


Trinkets and Wonders

And finally, the only way to fully complete your study is to add your personal belongings and trinkets. From your old teddy bear placed between books on a shelf and a stags head hanging on the wall, to a sculpture on your coffee table and a portrait above a mantelpiece – this is where the room finally becomes yours, and the only true way to achieve this is to do it, therefore creating the idyllic atmosphere that every gentleman’s study should have.

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