9 things you can learn from the new issue of Gentleman’s Journal

From answers about Richard Branson’s intergalactic efforts to the best single malt Scotch pairing

Gentleman’s Journal is, above everything else, here to ensure you live a rich life. From our food and drink suggestions and style recommendations, to exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes exposés, we want to enrich your everyday and show you something you’ve never seen before. 

Enter our Nov/Dec 2018 issue; the epitome of this ideology and an overall corker of an issue. From Hugh Jackman gracing the cover, through a pearl of a product section, to our most audacious society pages yet, there’s much to learn from this magazine. So, before you subscribe, this is what to look forward to…

Just what pairs perfectly with single malt Scotch?

The success of many food pairings is reliant on delicate flavours — subtle tastes and unobtrusive aromas that dance around your mouth in well-balanced harmony.

This is not one of those pairings. Heading up our regular front section, ‘The Pick’, we explore why you should be enjoying peaty whisky and salty blue cheese this winter; a gastronomic one-two punch like no other.

What are the many talents of Hugh Jackman?

He can act. He can sing. He can smoulder. He can deadlift over 400lbs. Hugh Jackman can do anything. In fact, that’s the first line of our cover interview with the Australian, Oscar-nominated actor.

With skills from T’ai Chi to stunt driving under his belt, Jackman is implausibly dynamic for a man who has recently celebrated his 50th birthday. But what else can he do? Subscribe to dive into the life of a true polymath.

Is the first SUV from Rolls-Royce true to the brand?

9 things you can learn from the new issue of Gentleman’s Journal

Can off-roading truly meet opulence on four wheels? It’s the question Rolls Royce have posed with their poised new SUV; the Cullinan. Our answer? An unequivocal yes.

We took the British brand’s burly new offering to the mountains of Wyoming to put it through its V12-powered paces, and you can read about the precarious passes, track driving (and massage seats, naturally) if you subscribe to the latest issue.

How close is Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic to taking off?

9 things you can learn from the new issue of Gentleman’s Journal
Photo: Owen Billcliffe

“With Virgin Galactic,” Richard Branson tells us in an exclusive interview in our latest issue, “we’re tantalisingly close to achieving our ambition.”

He’s not wrong. And it’s an exciting time on many other fronts, from Virgin Hyperloop to the Virgin Strive Challenge 2018. For an insight into one of the boldest, brightest business minds of our time, grab the latest issue while you can.

Who produces the best bottles of whisky, vodka, tequila and other spirits?

Be it the base of a cocktail, a post-prandial drop or a twilight nightcap, few things say more about a gentleman than his choice of signature spirit.

As such, we’ve thrown open the doors of our drinks cabinet for another rollicking, annual drinks awards. Subscribe to see who won, who was a runner up and just how much fun we had judging these spirited spirits over a series of heady, heavy nights.

What does Paul Smith believe is the best of British culture?

9 things you can learn from the new issue of Gentleman’s Journal
Photo: Tom Cockram

Wild offices, stacked to the ceilings with priceless trinkets. No-nonsense advice, uttered in warm, midland tones. Bright stripes and ageless singular cuts. You know what makes Paul Smith Paul Smith.

But what does the peerless designer consider to be the best of British? We asked for Smith’s ten finest homegrown exports — and, from Apple’s Jonathan Ive to Accrington Stanley, he more than delivered.

Who are the best amateur photographers on Instagram?

If you caught our Leica competition earlier this year, then thank you for your entries. Along with guest judge Alan Schaller, we were wowed and wooed by well-composed, emotive and inspiration Instagram entries.

But only one person can win. Subscribe to find out if you’re the winner of the Leica C-Lux prize, check the runner-up list, and marvel at some of the best amateur photography we’ve seen.

How is it possible to crash the most exclusive parties this holiday season?

9 things you can learn from the new issue of Gentleman’s Journal
Illustration: Antony Hare

Nimrod Kamer has crashed more parties than he’s had hot canapés — and he’s had a hell of a lot of those.

Within our latest issue’s society pages, the author of The Social Climber’s Handbook pens an invaluable guide to help every reader step behind closed doors this party season. Memorise its maxims and you’ll find yourself in every it-event you could dream of this Christmas.

Why are luxury watchmakers taking inspiration from their models of the past?

From the Breguet Classique 5157 and the Vacheron Constantin Historique Cornes de Vache, to the Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight and the Blancpain Fifty-Fathoms Automatique, heritage inspiration is having something of a moment in the world of modern luxury watch design.

Manual wind stopwatch functions, voluptuous lugs and slimmer, more sophisticated timepieces can be found when you subscribe to our latest issue.

9 things you can learn from the new issue of Gentleman’s Journal

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