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Gentleman’s Journal follow the delivery of the 100th BAC Mono

British supercar company BAC have created 100 of their iconic Mono single-seaters. We followed the team as they delivered the latest to a car collection in Denmark

10 years ago, in March 2009, Neill and Ian Briggs embarked on a journey to create the world’s first one-seater, road-legal supercar. The resulting car, the Mono, was launched to worldwide acclaim — tearing onto the scene with a £168,000 price tag and a Veyron-matching power-to-weight ratio of 525bhp per tonne.

Last month, the 100th Mono rolled off the production line, and Gentleman’s Journal followed the Liverpool-made centenary edition to Denmark, where it was delivered to the Strøjer Samlingen Motor Museum.

With exposed carbon bodywork, the car was the first Mono rendered in British Racing Green — a colour choice accentuated by gold highlights on the exterior, and gold stitching inside. A ‘Chassis 100’ plaque was also fitted to the car.

This Mono will take up its proud position alongside Ferraris, Bugattis, Porsches and Lamborghinis from across the last century — and museum owner Jørgen Strøjer-Hansen promises to use it as speedily as the carmakers intended. Take a look at the full video above.

Gentleman’s Journal follow the delivery of the 100th BAC Mono

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