Fera is the new British brand from explorers, for explorers

Developed and designed by a team of homegrown adventurers, this new capsule collection is hardy, versatile and eco-friendly…

Who would you trust to dress you for an adventure? Which bits of kit would you put your confidence in? Because, if you’re off exploring the wild and woolly dells and dales of the Great British countryside, you’ll want to have faith in your threads. 

So who better to equip you than your fellow accomplished adventurers? For three years before new menswear brand Fera zipped onto the adventure-wear scene, the team behind the togs created outdoor escapes for private clients; taking budding travellers to any remote, untamed location they dreamed of exploring. From hill lochs to windswept beaches, the adventures were astounding. But the outwear they had access to? Not so much.

And that’s when the idea of Fera was born. After the pandemic hit in March 2020, and the world was plunged into a series of self-isolated, socially-distanced lockdowns, the team decided to pivot away from travelling — and instead founded a clothing company that would create the sort of garments they’d always wished for, but never been able to find.

Drawing particularly on their experiences in the Scottish wilderness, the team decided to start with a capsule collection of hardy, versatile pieces. They pooled their ideas, decided what features and functions their ideal adventure kit would have — and set to work creating an optimised, wilderness-proof wardrobe for the modern man.

There’s the ‘Heavy Twill Overshirt’; a reliably hefty button-up with a breast pocket large enough for an expedition notebook or fly box. It’s supremely comfortable; but tough and toasty enough to keep you safe and warm at the same time. It’s a similar story with the ‘Hapwarm Fleece’, a micro-fleece-lined piece of mid-clothing with a storm collar and rib-knit cuffs — and was born from the frosty first-hand experience of warming up after wetsuit-clad dives for razor clams. 

There’s even an adventure cap. Constructed using a classic six-panel pattern, it’s built strongly from a midnight cotton twill. But, to ensure it fits comfortably from the very first wear, the team decided to pre-wash the fabric to afford it a slightly distressed, lived-in look. It’s a masterstroke; and makes for a note-perfect piece of adventure-wear. 

But perhaps the best bit of kit created by Fera is the ‘Ranger Bag’. Available in either ‘Otter Green’ or ‘Tan’, this bag was born from necessity. When out on excursions and expeditions, the Fera team had noted a need for easy access, protection and a bag that was comfortable to carry. This became the waterproof, hardwearing, 18oz waxed cotton result.

And that’s not any old cotton; it’s ultra-dry British ‘Millerain Tekwax’ cotton twill. Boasting exceptional abrasion resistance — and augmented with internal zip pockets, a double-layered floor and an extra wide shoulder strap — it’s ideal for toting around your field notes or foraging for wild mushrooms. And, when it comes to carrying your quarry back to base, the ultra-secure ‘Loxx’ fasteners will ensure it stays safely put.

It’s all thoroughly eco-friendly, too — as you’d expect. With the Fera team so in tune with nature, their strong desire to protect the outdoors is reflected in the development and design of every garment and accessory. Not only is the young fashion brand striving to be as plastic-free as possible (and a proponent of compostable and recyclable packaging), but they have also committed to pledge 5% of annual sales to conservation charities.

This way, the Fera team can direct profits where they’re really needed; back into the wild. And, by being as meticulous, considered and selective in their choices of conservation charities as they were in the creation of their clothing range, they’re ensuring we can explore and enjoy these wildernesses for many years to come — all while wearing Fera, of course. 

Fera is the new British brand from explorers, for explorers

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