Aston Martin DB11 Launch. Siena, Italy. July 2016. Photo: Drew Gibson

Everything you need to know about the insane Aston Martin DB11 

It’s already parked in James Bond’s garage, and soon you’ll be able to drive the new Aston Martin DB11 without a licence to kill...

There are few cars that evoke such emotion as that of an Aston Martin. Although others can compete, Ferrari for example, who make both beautiful and powerful cars, they don’t quite have understated class of an Aston. Although the word ‘understated’ may seem a little comical for cars which costs north of £100,000 when compared with its Italian counterparts, understated it is.


There are few cars that evoke such emotion as that of an Aston Martin

When you see an aggressively loud Lamborghini belting down Sloane Street, you often think of the driver in a terribly negative light and that’s putting it very politely. However when you see an Aston pull up, I tend to think ‘fair play’ and have somewhat healthy pangs of jealously. It is this that makes Aston the emotive brand that it is today.


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