Every modern man should own a navy v-neck jumper

We should all have a navy v-neck jumper in our wardrobe. It’s versatile, functional and ever-so stylish. Here are the best to buy…

There’s no doubt about it: a navy v-neck jumper is an investment, and a good one at that. The past year has shown us that we can neither predict nor control the future — but we do know one thing. If you buy a well-made, trimly-tailored navy v-neck jumper, you could wear it every week for the rest of your life.

Because, though it may look unassuming and understated, the navy v-neck jumper is a serious style essential. It’s versatile, function and oh-so-stylish — and the perfect lightweight piece of knitwear to see you from spring to summer (and all the way back around to spring again). If you already own one, give yourself a deep blue pat on your merino wool back. If not, allow us to convince you…

There’s not another style like it

The v-neck. It’s a simple style that does what it says on the masterfully woven tin. And the style first gained real prominence in the 1920s, as younger style-conscious men decided to use colourful jumpers to introduce some layered personality under their jackets. Today, it’s just a crucial to a well-rounded wardrobe.

Why? Firstly, its stylish versatility. You could pull a v-neck on with suit, like it was worn a century ago. But you could also wear one flush against your skin, or over a t-shirt, or with a button-down Oxford. The options are endless. Secondly, it’s the perfect transitional garment. Whether it’s bitter or balmy outside, the v-neck will do an admirable job — little chance of you overheating in the spring sun; but also no danger of catching a chill in the cold.

The colour adds even more versatility

Why navy, you ask? Easy. This deep, dusky blue wins first prize every time in the versatility department. What about black, you ask? Again, easy. Black may work with monochromatic tonal dressing, but navy will pair perfectly with almost every single colour — from mustard yellow to cherry red. 

Navy is also one of those oh-so rare colours that works all-year round. Black in summer looks a little sombre, but a burst of handsome navy? You’ll be the most dapper, debonair diner at any al fresco restaurant. Go ahead, try to name somewhere a navy v-neck wouldn’t work. Because, from an office in a high-rise to a boat bobbing in a bay, we can’t think of a single one.

These are the best navy v-neck jumpers to buy

And so, we come to the best of the best. Our top three candidates begin with Aurélien‘s Extrafine Merino v-neck was crafted in Italy, with the brand’s unique, trademarked ‘Cashwool’ material. As the name suggests, this is an exceptionally soft blend made out of extra-fine merino sheep wool: and the result is a navy v-neck so soft that it has a discernible silky sheen.

Connolly comes next, a brand that has also opted for a superfine merino wool with this classic navy v-neck. Here, the ribbed hem and cuffs give the garment a noticeably slim shape, and its fine gauge makes it light enough for layering with a shirt or blazer. Finally, Turnbull & Asser has used the finest Scottish cashmere to put its exquisite spin on the timeless style, with our final recommendation exemplifying luxury with a sumptuously soft feel. 

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