This is why you should be drinking your G&T like a European

The G&T might be the quintessential Englishman's drink, but its time to take a juniper leaf out of the Mediterranean's botanical books

Drenched in sun and the air thick with sea breeze, the atmosphere of the Mediterranean lends itself very neatly to the Englishman’s default summer cooler —the gin and tonic. In these climes, though, the drink takes on a different tempo entirely.

"In these climes, the drink takes on a different tempo entirely..."

Inspired by longer days, warmer evenings, later suppers and better conversation, the preparation on the continent calls for more gin, more tonic, more garnish, more ice, and more fun.

With that in mind, we asked the chaps over at the Gin Foundry — the foremost authorities on gin in the world — how to recreate that continental gin ne sais quoi (our apologies) anywhere in the world.

This is why you should be drinking your G&T like a European

Malfy Con Limone Gin


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Many of the gins flourishing across the Mediterranean basin have imbued their provenance into each sip. They use local botanicals with vivid aromas, deliberately harness local heritage, focus their flavours to be tailor-made for an Aperitivo, or incorporate a style of cuisine and translate it into the structure of their gin’s recipes.

The resulting spirits have powerfully evocative notes that can transport a drinker and fill a glass with a sense of soul, a personality and a distinct regionality.

Try Malfy Con Limone, a veritable ode to the Amalfi coast. With its lemon-forward flavour there’s no need for a twist here. Instead, pair it with rosemary as a garnish to bring out its herbal core in a G&T.

This is why you should be drinking your G&T like a European

Le Tribute Tonic Water


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This is why you should be drinking your G&T like a European

London Essence Co. Grapefruit & Rosemary Tonic


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If tapas alongside Copas (Spanish style G&T balloon glasses) is more your thing, Gin Raw from Barcelona, or the Le Tribute (based just north of the city), are excellent offerings to seek out. Both pair up with tonic to deliver original bursts of freshness, alongside complex layers of subtle spice that leave a lasting impression.

For those inclined towards a provencal rose, try grape-based G’Vine Gin Nouaison from France, or Xoriguer from Menorca. Both have their respective terroir etched into every moment of their flavour journeys.

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