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Inside Donald Trumps’ extravagant lifestyle

“I’m really rich” is what Donald Trump declared as he announced his intention to run for president back in June. He then proceeded to bring out a document summarising where his $8.7bn net worth comes from, a figure, incidentally, that’s at odds with Forbes’ estimate of his wealth. The business biweekly peg his fortune at $4.5bn. Although we may never know who’s actually on the money when it comes to the exact figure. Either way, it’s a lot of cold hard cash and Trump isn’t shy about spending (or speaking about) it. Here’s how the divisive billionaire and presidential candidate splashes it.



The 68-storey skyscraper on Fifth Avenue is Trump’s pride and joy. It’s where he announced his intention to run for the Republican nomination. He sleeps in the penthouse, which has a gold and diamond door, indoor fountain and painted ceiling, all very baroque. It cost approximately $300m to build and footballer Cristiano Ronaldo just purchased a slice for $18.5m.



Bought in 1985 for just $10m, the Mar-A-Lago mansion in Palm Beach is expansive, housing 58 bedrooms, 33 bathrooms and 3 bomb shelters, just in case. The magnate lived there for 10 years before converting it into an exclusive private club.



Another property bought relatively cheaply two decades ago, by today’s prices that is. Trump paid $7.5m for this Bedford, NY, 213-acre property and initially wanted to develop it into a golf course. Instead, the 39,000 square-foot mansion has long been the family’s summer home.



He’s made his billions in property and now it’s not hard to see why. Trump has a noted ability to purchase real estate for a fraction of the actual worth, his winery in Charlottesville, Virginia being another prime example. The land cost just $3.6m, an estimated 25% of it’s actual worth, and the acquisition and development was overseen by Trump Jr., Eric. It’s now an award-winning vineyard with 10 Gold Standards.



A billionaire can’t ever be expected to travel commercial. Trump hits the skies in a $100m private jet with an interior befitting of the price tag and the man himself. Inside a lounge, bedroom and bathroom are all decked out in questionable, but signatory, gold finishes and embossed Trump family crests.



Why have just a jet when you can have a fleet of aircraft. To accompany the Boeing, Trump also owns a private helicopter, costing $7m. It underwent a renovation on the interior upon purchase, estimated to have set the former-Apprentice star back another $750,000. Like the 757, family crests are embossed everywhere and gold is used far more than sparingly. The whole interior is outfitted with 24-karat gold-plated hardware—from the seatbelts to the handles. Trump can’t be accused of being understated at any level.



As well as being a Rolls Royce fan and owning a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, Trump can also call a 1997 bright blue Diablo part of his automotive collection. No longer in production, having been replaced by the Murciélago in 2001, inside it is branded with a plaque noting who owns it.



No word on the price of this, but Orange County Choppers built Trump a custom-made motorcycle with a significant amount of 24-karat gold detailing. Constructed of “elite custom parts”, the lavishness absolutely screams Donald Trump.

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