The dating app you need to know about that isn’t Tinder

Stand out from the crowd in the minefield that is online dating...

There’s no doubt about it, gentlemen, the modern world of dating can be a minefield. Speed dating, blind dating, online dating – even the world of dating apps has become so saturated that it can be impossible to know what to download and where to look. Add to that the stress of knowing that you’ll potentially come across a terrible match and waste precious time and money going on a date that’s going to end in tears, and it all becomes seemingly unworthy.

But there’s a chance to rectify all of the dating horror stories of the past, gentlemen. A chance to up your game; to change the way you see dating, realise the potential of the online dating world and make your match with someone who you actually have a deeper connection with. further than you just walking past each other in the street one day. With every other dating app, second dates come few and far between as the result of a terrible match but with The Inner Circle, things are different.

The Inner Circle in-app features

The Inner Circle is different because it’s selective. It doesn’t just give you anyone in a whole city, it gives you people that you’re guaranteed to actually want to match with, with a user base that consists of individuals just like you: attractive, ambitious and inspiring young professionals. No longer will you be left with a highly edited selection of photographs and not much else to go off. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that someone who’s interested in the same stuff as you is going to be the person that you actually connect with. So, rather than having to filter out the good fro the bad, The Inner Circle does that hard work for you. instead of you having the filter through the terrible mix out there, the app does that hard work for you.

Stories of awful dates past might make for a decent dinner party anecdote once in a while, but is it really worth it when you sit down and think about everything you’ve wasted that hasn’t even resulting in a second date? If this rings true with you and your dating history, The Inner Circle is the place for you. Don’t fall fool, gentlemen, you know what to do.

Download The Inner Circle here.

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