Danish supercar manufacturer Zenvo launch the dynamic TS1 GT

Does this small batch supercar get your motor running?

If you’ve heard of Danish supercar manufacturer Zenvo, you’ll know that they aren’t afraid to shy away from a challenge. The ST-1, first developed in 2008, saw a run of only 15, produced over 1,000 horsepower, had a top speed of 233mph and was the brand’s only model – until now.

Next month, at the Geneva motor show, the tenth anniversary of Zenvo will be celebrated with the release of the TS1 GT – a mid-engined, hand-built and carbon-bodied redesign of the original ST-1.

This time round, Zenvo has promised a top speed of over 250mph, and a horsepower exceeding 1,150. The two-seater also sees the debut of a Zenvo-made twin-supercharged 5.8-litre V8, based on an engine block sourced from a specialist US racing supplier.

But you’re not interested in that, are you? As thrilling as the specs are beneath the bodywork, it’s the shell itself that is really getting motors running around the world.

All eyes will be on Switzerland next month to see if the TS1 GT looks just as good in person as it does in these early release pictures. But those deep bonnet intakes, slanted headlights and angry, angular side vents surely won’t disappoint.

“The TS1 GT begins a whole new era for Zenvo,” says British supercar specialist Nigel Gordon-Stewart, Zenvo’s commercial director. “It’s a Phoenix car for us, literally.

“We’ve built a new factory on the Danish island of Zealand,” continues the Lamborghini and McLaren alumnus. “Our prototypes have been in Lapland testing a revolutionary new traction control system, and we’ll soon announce details of a new dealer network in Europe, the UK and the US, designed to meet the needs of customers who are already waiting for our cars.”

But before you get too excited about that dealer network opening up, best check your bank balance – the TS1 GT has a price tag that ‘tops £1,000,000’.

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