Indochino Hereford Cavalry Twill Indigo Suit

Could digital tailoring have the made-to-measure suit industry all sewn up?

Gentleman’s Journal test out the exclusive made-to-measure apparel company bringing their own brand of bespoke to tailoring

The traditional tailoring industry is coming apart at the seams. Every modern man wants something bespoke, special and that will stand him away from the besuited crowd — but few of us have the time to commit to session upon session of measurement and consultation. 

Indeed, unless you live within a stone’s throw of Savile Row, how can you be expected to keep popping in for fittings? Are those of us who live further afield, from Tadcaster to Timbuktu, simply meant to make do with off-the-peg suits — that sag and bag in all the wrong places? These truly are troubled times for tailoring.

Enter Indochino. Swooping in from Vancouver with a tape measure in one hand and a revolutionary business idea in the other, this made-to-measure suit company has arrived to bring bespoke to the masses.

The level of personalisation is second-to-none

Founded on the belief that customers shouldn’t have to spend a fortune on a custom wardrobe, the brand has created a superior alternative to ready-to-wear clothing but below bespoke prices. And, recently, Gentleman’s Journal put the service to the test.

Firstly, we were struck by the range of products on offer. From custom suits and shirts to chinos, blazer and overcoats, Indochino offer tailored garments for almost every occasion. And, when you factor in the level of personalisation also on offer — not only fabrics, but lapels, pockets, monograms, linings and buttons — you can be sure that your order is one-of-a-kind.

You suit is made yours through the unique measurement process

Indochino Hereford Cavalry Twill Charcoal Suit

This is where it gets clever. You need only grab a tape measure — or, if you don’t have one, Indochino will send you one for just $1 — and then take a series of body measurements. That means no tailor is involved — in fact, the measurements the brand requires are taken a little differently to traditional tailors.

Instead, you stand in front of your laptop or computer, and are guided through an easy online measurement process with easy, step-by-step videos telling you what measurements are needed. It only takes ten minutes and, once these measurements have been submitted, one of Indochino’s master tailors will use them to create your made-to-measure garment.

It may not be face-to-face, but customer service is still top notch

True, a lot of us like the one-on-one measurement sessions and customer service of a face-to-face tailoring experience. But don’t fear — just because they’ve done away with the consultations, that doesn’t mean that Indochino’s customer service has gone a similar way.

If you need alternations, the brand are happy to abide for a small fee. Your suit can be pared down to just a jacket, or upped to a three-piece (which is what we at GJ opted for). All customisations are on the house and, if your measurements look like you might have made a mistake — you’re not a professional, after all — Indochino will get in touch to ensure your suit won’t turn up wrongly sized.

It is, of course, a significant change in a centuries-old industry — and will take a little time to get used to. But, in a world where we can order food, read books and even have a flutter online, surely it makes sense to digitise our made-to-measure experience. So, though it may look like the tailoring industry is coming apart at the seams, it would appear that Indochino have it all sewn up.

Could digital tailoring have the made-to-measure suit industry all sewn up?


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