Celebrating 10 years of Creed Aventus

This iconic fragrance marks a special milestone with a very special limited edition

When tailor James Henry Creed delivered a pair of scented leather gloves to King George III in 1760 he could never have envisioned the global fragrance powerhouse his brand would become over the next 260 years. And yet, while the Creed family has created over 200 perfumes in this time – each one as exquisite and discerning as the last – the house owes much of its fame to a far younger scent: Aventus.

Created by Olivier Creed, a sixth generation direct descendent of James Henry Creed and the perfume house’s ‘Créateur Parfumeur’, with help from his son and future successor Erwin, Aventus made its debut in 2010 and has since gone on to become the best selling men’s scent in Creed’s history.

Inspired by the life of Napoleon Bonaparte, and celebrating success, power and strength, it’s not hard to see why Aventus appeals to ambitious men

So what makes Aventus so special? Inspired by the life of Napoleon Bonaparte, and celebrating success, power and strength, it’s not hard to see why Aventus appeals to a modern generation of ambitious men – and the fragrance doesn’t let its namesake down.

creed aventus 10
creed aventus

Aventus opens with fresh top notes of blackcurrant, bergamot, apple and pineapple before developing into a woody fragrance that makes birch (the tree is native to Louisiana, which was ruled by Napoleon in the early 1800s before he made it part of the US) the star of the show. A base of oakmoss, ambergris and vanilla adds sophisticated layers to the fragrance, cementing its place as a masterful blend of florals, spices and citrus that perfectly encapsulates its celebration of strength, victory and legacy.

However much of its popularity – in 2019 Creed Aventus was the number one luxury men’s fragrance in the UK – also comes from the house’s traditional production methods and meticulous ingredient sourcing. Olivier and Erwin Creed travel the world to research, source, inspect and commission the best, rarest and most exquisite ingredients the planet has to offer. Then, when back at their base in Paris, (Creed manufactures all of its scents at its factory in Fontainebleau), the fine raw ingredients for each fragrance are weighed, mixed and macerated by hand, keeping alive increasingly rare techniques and the skilful craftsmanship that assures Creed’s place as one of the world’s most premium and authentic fragrance creators.

creed aventus

Of course, Creed wasn’t going to allow the milestone birthday of its most successful fragrance to go unnoticed so, to mark 10 years of Aventus, the brand has launched a limited anniversary edition bottle. Designed in a show-stopping combination of black and silver, the 100ml opaque bottle is a truly artistic creation that will remain a beautiful collector’s item long after the fragrance inside has been used.

Also taking inspiration from the iconic Creed logo, the bottle features a ribbon anniversary design paying homage to the brand’s historic roots in tailoring, while its silver cap and bold design reference the legacy of excellence and mastery of alchemy which has cemented Creed’s place in the annals of scent making.

It goes without saying, of course, that this anniversary limited edition is the perfect gift for the Aventus fan in your life. And if you just happen to put an extra one in your basket? Well, there’s no harm in treating yourself now and again…

Creed Aventus 10th Anniversary Limited Edition

Creed Aventus 10th Anniversary Limited Edition


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