The best truffle dishes and menus in London

Earthy, rich and moreish - here’s where to get your truffle fix right now

Aromatic, rich, available for only a few months and foraged (almost) exclusively from the mountains of northern Italy, truffles are a rare and decadent ingredient that chefs and hunters lust for throughout the year. If oysters and lobsters reign supreme in the ocean, then the opulent fungus we call truffle is king on the terrain.

Luckily for you, there are still a few weeks left before the capital’s truffle-based stock is consumed by famished locals — so take advantage of this pure Epicurean moment right now. For the finest options around, look no further…

Bocca di Lupo

The best truffle dishes and menus in London

Located on Archer Street in Soho is the bijou-sized and charming Bocca di Lupo – a restaurant that’s been serving up beautiful Italian dishes to greedy gourmands for just under a decade. With culinary accolades in spades, and with a dedicated clientele who arrive ready to gorge on plates of comforting delights, it’s easy to see why the place has earned cult-like status in this part of the UK.

Although a specialist in pasta and other homemade Italian fare, one thing Bocca di Lupo certainly handles well is a truffle. We’d recommend starting with the truffled radish, celeriac, pomegranate and pecorino salad (light and earthy) before moving onto either the the risotto with butter and black truffle (rich and incredibly moreish) or the stuffed veal, pork, cabbage and truffle (hearty and the perfect winter warmer). Buon appetito.

La Bottega

The best truffle dishes and menus in London

Designed as an Italian café, bar and deli, La Bottega spreads several outposts across London (including branches in Kensington and Wimbledon) and is currently offering wild white truffles from Alba, Piedmont, for £4 a gram. Once you’ve ordered, the goods will arrive within two days, and you can either pair them with La Bottega’s fresh pasta, or shave them over fluffy white rice in order to make the perfect risotto.

34 Mayfair

The best truffle dishes and menus in London

Set in London’s most opulent upscale district, 34 Mayfair – with its throwback 1920s decor and slick, grand-hotel-worthy service – stands tall in a city renowned for food trends and come-and-go pop-ups. But, besides its flawless interior and professional demeanour (and beyond the fact that it’s a go-to favourite for the art crowd), the classic food on offer excels and pleases the palate. Take, for instance, the lobster macaroni and cheese with its tender flecks of shellfish, golden pasta and beautiful flakes of truffle. It may not push gastronomic boundaries, but why should it? It has a homely, satisfying taste that makes customers constantly wanting just another bite of umami goodness.


The best truffle dishes and menus in London

If you really want an onslaught of the tastebuds, then you’re sure to get it at Sartoria. The white truffle menu here is a thing of wonder and consists of four courses that contain the decadent fungus (which has been given to the restaurant by the same Ubrian supplier for 20 years) in one way or another: beef battuta with sage; taglioni cacio e pepe; risotto grana padano riserva; and the zabligone. To avoid disappointment, make sure to book this set dinner 24 hours in advance.

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