The best under-the-radar investments right now, according to the experts

We turn to the people who play the game for the stock and sector tips of the moment

Who doesn’t want to be on the inside track? From the hottest tips to deepest scoops, that’s where the real money is. But don’t fret if you’re not privy to the inner circle. Gentleman’s Journal have reached out to our considerable web of contacts and discovered what this year’s most lucrative prospects are.

So grab your wallets, gents – and forget your big name stocks and run-of-the-mill investments: Here are the best under-the-radar tips for 2018.

Botox could give you a lift

“Reading up on these potential ‘next big things’ is fun,” says Holly Mackay, of straight-talking financial advice website Boring Money. “But it is also fraught with risk.

"There are lots of new pharma stocks relying on solving a problem to make their promised returns..."

“However,” she continues, “There are lots of new pharma stocks – which tend to be all-or-nothing bets, relying on solving a problem to make their promised returns.

“Johnson & Johnson and AbbVie reman two larger lauded stocks listed in the US, although both posted chunky gains last year. If you want the potential for spicier gains then do your research into smaller stocks which have bet the farm on solving a particular medical issue or scientific breakthrough.”

In property, it’s anything but grim up north

“Liverpool has experienced an incredible resurgence over the past few years,” says Paul Mahoney, Managing Director of Nova Financial and champion of northern urban real estate. “Economic growth in the city was 15% last year, which makes it the strongest growing city in the UK. This is flowing through to the property market, average property yields are circa 7% – double London.”

And it’s not just Liverpool, says Mahoney. Even though the central Liverpool property market may be a slightly better prospect – it hasn’t yet experienced the same growth as its Mancunian neighbour – the new home of the Northern Powerhouse, Manchester, is just as safe a bet.

“Central Manchester has consistently performed well over the past few years to the point where some properties have grown in value by over 50%,” says Mahoney. “It is the second largest and the fastest growing city in the UK with many major, historically London based, employers like BBC, ITV, Ernst & Young, EON etc moving here.”

You should be buying your wine young

When you think sound wine investments, your mind probably leaps to dusty bottles in old, old cellars. Not so, according to James Fletcher of APM Wine Investment.

"Chateaux Margaux 2015 has rocketed from £4,250 in June 2016 to £12,500 per case..."

“En primeur, otherwise known as wine futures – where one buys the wine whilst it’s still sloshing around in barrels below the chateau and 2 years or so away from bottling – is back in fashion,” reveals the investment expert.

“Chateaux Margaux 2015, for example, aided by intensifying pundit applause and the announcement of a fancy special edition bottle, has rocketed from £4,250 when it was released en primeur in June 2016 to some £12,500 per case of 12 as it goes to bottle this month – close to 300% in just 20 months.”

‘Evil’ tends to be profitable

At the risk of sounding like a Bond villain, evil is one of your best bets when it comes to investing. Not only does Boring Money’s Holly Mackay flag up Nostrum Oil and Gas as a profitable option – “Mining stocks are tipped for a good year so wrestle with your conscience!” – but another smoky tip looks set to pay off, too.

“Whilst we’re on the evil theme, British American Tobacco is tipped by some as they push ahead with their development of vaping and associated products, testing products in Japan which is one of the most smoking-friendly developed nations.”

An interesting development – but, if you thought investing in tobacco might see your money go up in smoke, think again.

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