Your start to becoming a wine connoisseur

It’s the modern way nowadays, when selecting wine from a supermarket shelf, to go for the most eye-catching label or the most efficiently priced. There are many reasons for this; we just don’t have the time nor the money for quality fine wine, and even if we did – we know sod-all about what is the best, or what goes with what. It just doesn’t feature in our modern culture anymore; rolling Merlot around the inside of your mouth whilst aiming the wine glass at the light is seen as a practice for wise-eyed grandfathers, and full-time connoisseurs – it doesn’t have the epitome of modern panache. To help you out of this rut, The Grape Club is the innovative online subscription service that brings you wine (you’ve probably never heard of) straight to your door.

The Grape Club has designed a monthly wine service called the ‘Grape Drop’, where members can start to develop their understanding of wine. This works through 4 bottles of wine being delivered to the customer’s door each month for a small fee of £45. This £45 doesn’t only include the wine; also in the package is a tailored tasting note, explaining the connection between the wine’s origin and its flavours, as well as offering food pairing suggestions. It’s a unique service in that it provides education and intoxication – the perfect combination, no? What’s better is that the wine that arrives at your door doesn’t feature on the supermarket shelves; making your soi-disant wine collection into a connoisseur’s bodega.


Founded in September 2014, The Grape Club was initiated by Ant and Louisa Symington – first cousins from a wine producing family in Northern Portugal. Having grown tired of the wine available at supermarkets, and the lack of information on them, they decided to commence on a mission to get the UK drinking more exciting wines at affordable prices. It was their belief that many people were eager to learn more about what they drink and appreciate good wine from when they tasted it, but that many people shied away due to the opulent stereotype that clings to wine tasters. Making fine wine that is more affordable, along with a guide to what they are drinking, allows the everyman to recite their wine analysis like Michel Dovaz and add that little bit of elegance to the sterile Thursday-night-in watching The One Show.

With 120 years of family experience on their CVs, Ant and Louisa hand select the best of the best for their members. With first-hand knowledge of the hectic lifestyles led by today’s young professionals, the duo are in the ideal place to select the finest wine’s for you to relax to. If you ever feel inspired to dabble into the world of wine tasting, appreciate the millésime of your tipple, or construct your own neo-adega, then The Grape Club is our recommendation.

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