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“Living well is the best revenge”: Dinner with Anthony Scaramucci

After just 11 controversy-filled days as Trump's communications director, The Mooch is enjoying living the good life

Anthony Scaramucci often said that he wasn’t a backstabber but a frontstabber, so you’ll know it if he comes for you. He repeated it in TV interviews during his bonkers tenure as White House communications director, working as Donald Trump’s top spokesman, and he’s repeating it now over dinner at his restaurant in Midtown Manhattan.

And, in a gimmick that is typical Scaramucci – or The Mooch, as he invites you to call him – he keeps a steak knife in the restaurant, his name carved into the enormous blade. “These are frontstabbing knives,” he says, flashing a set of fluorescent white teeth, before tackling a pork chop the size of a hubcap.

When the history books come to write about Trump’s White House, and arrive at July 2017, when the notoriously foul-mouthed Scaramucci spent all of 11 days inside, what will they say? He charged his way in and smashed all the china he could lay his hands on, forcing out the previous spokesman, Sean Spicer, and chief of staff Reince Priebus (Lyin’ Spicer and Rancid Penis, as Scaramucci calls them).

"...or The Mooch, as he invites you to call him..."

Then, in one of the greatest political cock-ups since appeasement, he gave an on-record interview to a Washington D.C. reporter and raged against his colleagues in the communications department, threatening to fire everyone. He creatively insulted the senior staff, especially chief strategist Steve Bannon, who he said was giving so many interviews to the media it was like he was trying to “suck his own cock”. (Scaramucci later said he misspoke, clarifying that the obese Bannon wasn’t “anatomically capable of it”.)

Trump saw the scandal as a distraction and fired Scaramucci. To make matters worse, it later emerged that he had missed the birth of his son to attend a Trump rally for the Boy Scouts of West Virginia, and tried to make do by sending his wife Deidre a congratulatory text. By then she had filed for divorce, meaning Scaramucci had lost his wife and his job in the space of a month. It’s not that he flew too close to the sun, but rather, in an act of terrific self-sabotage, accelerated straight into it.

This wasn’t the first time Scaramucci unloaded both barrels on his own loafered feet. He’s a financier by trade (so what he was doing in the most important PR role on earth is anyone’s guess), and back when he was starting out in the cut-throat world of 1980s Wall Street, he only lasted a year before he was hurled out of the real estate department of Goldman Sachs.

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