Ansel Elgort talks fame, fans and Baby Driver

He may only be 23, but Hollywood's newest star is living life in the fast lane

Ansel Elgort was at a glitzy New York party when the legendary actor and famed lothario Warren Beatty approached him from across the room, yelling: ‘You probably don’t know why I’m coming over to say hello to you, do you?’ A bemused Ansel stood fixed to the spot. Before he could answer, Beatty continued: ‘I’m saying congratulations. I just saw your film and it was quite spectacular. You’re a spectacular young man.’

Warren Beatty is right. In the space of a few hours Ansel has eaten a full steak dinner, nearly been knocked over while running through traffic, and dived into a rooftop swimming pool, fully dressed, taking a £5000 dunhill evening jacket with him. You do not meet A-listers like Ansel any more. We joke that if it were the 1980s, which I hasten to add was before Ansel was born, he’d have added throwing a TV out the window to his list of accomplishments that day.

It is refreshing just how “cool” Ansel is – he’d even give Beatty a run for his money. The way Ansel replied to the 80-year-old icon is a testament to this, choosing simply to say: ‘Oh shit this is awesome.’

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