5 Things That Every Entrepreneur Should Learn From Steve Jobs

Striking out on your own as an entrepreneur is no easy task, one all too often underestimated. Putting the confidence in yourself and your concept to give up a potentially stable income, takes some serious guts and it’s certainly not for everyone. Steve Jobs was the ultimate entrepreneur, he founded what is now the world’s most valuable company after all. The great innovator died just over 3 years ago now, but today’s entrepreneurs can take an awful lot from his struggles and successes…

Never Give Up

Steve Jobs may have founded Apple and been both CEO and chairman at one time or another but in 1985 he was ousted from the company after power struggle. This obviously did not deter him as he founded NeXT, a computer development company, shortly after. Their software was launched on Macs in 1996 before Apple then bought them out for $427million.

Put Pride Aside

Returning to Apple in 1996 after they purchased NeXT, Jobs could have easily called it quits out of spite. He didn’t let pride get in the way however and became the de facto chief of the company in 1997. He then led Apple from the brink of bankruptcy to major profitability we see today.

Think Different

After Jobs made the return to Apple, he initiated a campaign with the slogan, ‘Think Different’. Take this advice, as the man himself clearly did, and venture a road less travelled. His innovative products and methods have become legendary, and he certainly wasn’t afraid to take a risk, something all entrepreneurs should learn and take from.

Keep It Simple

Apple’s take over in the world of electronics, from smartphones to computers, under Jobs’ stewardship was largely due to their simplistic design. The iPod was revolutionary as it stripped everything away and was a sleek, modern and above all simple. Don’t overcomplicate things and maintain a focus, much like the man’s wardrobe.

Fake It Until You Make It

In the early days of the Apple endeavor, Jobs knew how important image was, even back then. So whilst the company was based out of an LA garage, he set up a PO Box in Palo Alto, the heartland of tech, and a professional answering service so clients and customers were given the right impression. Don’t be afraid to embellish a little and remember bad first impressions are almost impossible to recover from.

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