5 style lessons we can learn from JFK

Learn from the man who overhauled the White House wardrobe

One of the youngest Presidents of all time, John F Kennedy made a splash in the world of politics – leading the free world through the Cuban Missile Crisis, advancements in the Space Race and key milestones in the Civil Rights Movement.

But the President also made waves in the world of fashion – proving that politicians didn’t exclusively have to wear stuffy suits. Instead, JFK overhauled the White House wardrobe, and changed the style of world leaders forever.

5 style lessons we can learn from JFK

Suit yourself

In office, Kennedy knew how to wear a suit. His trousers were always impeccably creased, his ties striped and skinny, and his long wool or cashmere overcoats perfectly matched.

5 style lessons we can learn from JFK

Watch out

His penchant for a statement watch – be it a Rolex Day-Date or Cartier Tank – never went unnoticed and he managed to master the mismatched suit in a way no man has since.

5 style lessons we can learn from JFK

Mix ’n’ match

A casual darker wool or tweed jacket paired with a pressed pair of lighter trousers became known as JFK’s signature style, and looked no cooler than when complimented with one of his many pairs of tortoiseshell shades.

5 style lessons we can learn from JFK

In the shade

Contrary to popular belief, the President never wore Ray Ban Wayfarers, rather opting for lesser-known brands such as Cabanas or American Opticals – understanding the importance of the perfect shape, regardless of designer.

This eyewear insight extended to his spectacles. JFK believed his round frames changed his face for the better – the perfect accessory for the Ivy League look.

5 style lessons we can learn from JFK

Getting the jump on

A love for Oxford shirts and crew neck jumpers also helped Kennedy cultivate the collegiate look, and reminded the world that this was one of the youngest – and stylish – Presidents to ever serve his country.

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