3 style lessons we can learn from David Bowie

3 ways in which the master of the avant-garde unexpectedly influenced the modern gentleman

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Ziggy Stardust, the Thin White Duke, Star Man, and dubbed as a musical alien who ‘fell to earth’, Bowie had many artistic transformations and identities throughout his epic, cut-short-too-soon life. Not only did his music change the world, but his style did, too. His brave sartorial decisions will continue to influence gentlemen everywhere to dress with confidence and flair.

Although Bowie was known for his outlandish dress sense as well as musical style, his more subtle fashion moments have influenced modern men’s style more than might initially be apparent. From modern-tailored chic, to block coloured three piece suits, and even the simple white tee, you can see Bowie’s less-known fashion legacies in the most well heeled gentlemen today. So if spectacle dressing isn’t your thing, you can still pay homage to the greatest artist of all time with these simpler but no less beautiful styles and pieces.

1. Play around with tailored classics

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This may seem an unlikely style inspiration to take from the maestro of the avant-garde. But by his ‘Thin White Duke’ period during the late seventies, Bowie was the champion of the monochrome, the sleek, and the structured in men’s dressing. Donned in smart fitting white shirts, black waistcoats, cufflinks, and all with a seductively gelled back hairstyle, this phase in Bowie’s fashion life has defined subsequent designers and street looks today. Bowie should be credited for bringing the aristocratic look into the modern era and giving it an urban edge. You only have to look to the streets of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities to see his legacy amongst the most dapper of gentlemen.

2. Channel some funk into your three-piece

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Inspiring the fashion powerhouses for years to come, Bowie took inspiration from Motown culture and injected some soul into his suits. By the time of his ‘David Live’ album in 1974, he first spearheaded the iconic look and wore a blue Yves-Saint-Laurent number. Bowie showed gentlemen everywhere that they could channel some eccentricity and colour into formal wear if they want to. A trend that shows little signs of abating amongst the more confident gentlemen of today.

3. Rock a simple white shirt

Gentleman's Journal, Style Icon, Bowie

Again, it may come as a surprise that Bowie also rated one of the most basic staples a gentleman can own, a white tee or shirt. He appreciated the value of a white tee or collared shirt as a canvas to complete a look. Whether you are going to work, or to Sunday brunch, under a leather jacket or a pea-coat, a well fitting base to your outfit always works, and Bowie showed us first. For comfort and a good fit, go for higher quality cotton pieces.

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