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12 Days of Christmas: Win a London Sock Company subscription

A man can never have too many pairs of great socks after all…

Socks. We all wear them but, we’re the first to admit, they’re hardly the most exciting items in our wardrobes and shopping for them can be, well, a bit of chore.

But, break beyond the barriers of standard black, and they can make all the difference to an outfit. A flash of mustard sock from beneath a navy suit, for example. Or a burgundy pair sandwiched between brown leather brogues and grey trousers. The devil, as they say, is in the detail and any well-dressed gent knows they shouldn’t be forgotten.

london sock company

Which brings us back to the less than desirable task of actually going out to buy them. Well, fear not, because today’s 12 Days of Christmas prize is going to solve that particular woe for you. We’ve teamed up with the London Sock Company to offer one winner a year’s membership to its Sock Club, meaning you’ll get three pairs of brand new luxury socks delivered to your door every single month.

Worth over £300, this is the perfect opportunity to side-step your commitment to a classic black sock. With the option to choose your own styles or be surprised each month, there are hundreds of colours and designs to explore. From bright block hues to subtle patterns and bold motifs, you’re guaranteed to find something to make you stand out from the cotton shod crowd.

So if you’d like to avoid an entire year’s worth of sock shopping, simply fill out the form below and check back tomorrow for the next prize in our 12 Days of Christmas competition.

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